Lifeway Mobility Expresses Appreciation to CAL Business Solutions and Acumatica During Most Trying Times

Bryan Mullen of Lifeway MobilityDuring these difficult times, everyone at CAL Business Solutions is trying hard to support the emotional needs of our families while also supporting the technology needs of our clients.

When we receive an email from a client, like this one below, it is truly remarkable and uplifting to all of us.

Bryan Mullen, SVP, Shared Services, Lifeway Mobility expressed his appreciation to CAL Business Solutions and Acumatica with this email:

Date: March 28, 2020

Subject: Acumatica Enables Essential Service Provider “Lifeway Mobility” to be Open for Business during the most trying times

“As we have all experienced over the last few months, the world has been reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic.  To place this in perspective, this pandemic has accounted for a tragic loss of life, huge losses in market valuation, staggering loss of employment, closing of schools and places of worship, and the freezing of all social engagements.

During this turmoil, companies have scrambled to adapt to a world which is literally changing by the hour.  Many have simply closed their doors, others have struggled to enable a remote workforce, and the essential business are still attempting to operate in as normal a way as possible.

Through all of this, as I work from my home office, I must share the bright light which is the partnership Lifeway Mobility has with Acumatica and our technology partner CAL Business Solutions. 

Having implemented the Acumatica cloud-based ERP has enabled all our administrative and Customer service staff to transition to home-based remote working without as much as a moment of interruption.  Acumatica’s cloud base product eliminates any worries about VPN connections, Software Client installations, server capacity, and maintenance, etc.  Even our field workers, who are delivering and installing critical equipment into people’s homes are fully connected using the Acumatica mobile application.

We are even migrating our largest office onto the Acumatica platform during this most trying time.  The training, data migration, and support are all being done remotely by our staff and supported by the team at CAL Business Solutions.  Together we have adapted and are working harder than ever to deliver goods to our customers in need across the communities.

Acumatica Lifeway MobilityBest Regards,

Bryan Mullen  -  SVP, Shared Services, Lifeway Mobility”

Thank you to Bryan Mullen and the entire team at Lifeway Mobility. CAL Business Solutions is proud to be your Acumatica Partner.

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By George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions,

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