How Our Own Company Has Benefited from Implementing Acumatica

Nearly twenty years ago, CAL Business Solutions started using Microsoft Dynamics GP because we needed a strong accounting and billing system. As the business grew, we kept the core system and added additional systems to keep up with the companies growing needs and departments.

Eventually, we had four additional systems to fill various software and accounting needs. Although this functioned adequately, it presented a major challenge. None of the systems had the ability to communicate with each other. This led to duplicated data entry and a lack of visibility for the entire team. This wasted valuable time and effort each month.

Recently, CAL Business Solutions became an Acumatica partner and decided that using Acumatica to run our own business would be the best opportunity to learn the system fully. It also provided us with a solution to our multiple system challenges. It allowed us to go from five disconnected systems to a single, fully functioning system for the entire company.

What benefits have we seen from implementing Acumatica? Notice just a few:

Single Entry

Moving from five separate systems to one connected software has greatly benefited CAL Business Solutions. Teams no longer need to perform duplicate entries, as all information from each department is updated in Acumatica. Case management, project accounting, and financials are all connected, allowing each department to know exactly what is going on throughout the company and what entries have been entered.

Real-Time Updates

Acumatica is equipped with various dashboards that allow companies to update information electronically and in an organized manner. This eliminates the previous need for paper spreadsheets and reports that would later need to be updated electronically. Now everything can be done on Acumatica, making it organized, electronic, and updated in real-time.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

In the past, CAL Business Solutions was using PayPal for credit card processing. Now, with Acumatica, we are able to perform transactions and do ACH transfers in house. This has allowed us to save more than $3,000 a year in fees.

These are just a few of the many benefits CAL Business Solutions has seen from switching to Acumatica. To read our full success story, and to learn how your company could benefit from Acumatica, visit

If you are interested in evaluating Acumatica for your business, contact CAL at 860-485-0910 x4 or

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