BREAKING: Sage Intacct Introduces Sage Intacct Construction

In a surprise announcement at the Las Vegas Conexpo, Sage Intacct announced the launch of Sage Intacct Construction. This move will bring the mid-market leading business management software to yet another industry.

Meeting Industry Demands

The focus was to bring the functionality of the Sage 300 Construction program, also known as Sage Timberline, to their award-winning platform. Giving the construction industry a secure cloud solution with integration to all of their existing software was essential. Sage Intacct Construction gives construction financial managers the freedom to make critical financial decisions, track and manage costs and in real-time, from any location, and reduces everyday financial consolidation from over 100 hours down to just minutes.

“Sage Intacct Construction brings together the most trusted names in the accounting and construction software industries – Sage Intacct and Sage Timberline. Construction firms can easily integrate with an array of operational applications to ensure they are using the best technology available to address their specific business needs.”
- Dustin Anderson, VP of Sage Construction and Real Estate

“Sage Intacct Construction caters to the ever-expanding role of construction financial managers by giving them faster access to real-time financial and operational data, while streamlining processes to free up time for more business analysis. For today’s CFM, it’s no longer enough to report on what happened yesterday. Financial leaders need to know what’s happening right now and need real-time data to anticipate what will happen in the future.”
- Nancy Harris, Managing Director, Sage North America.

Bringing the Right Tools

Sage Intacct has worked alongside top construction software developers to bring the most essential functions to Sage Intacct Construction.

  • True Cloud Solution – A system with real-time access from anywhere, available at any time, and software that is always up to date.
  • Robust, Dimensional Reporting – It is now possible to analyze actual and estimated project costs using live data, without the need to export to a spreadsheet. CFMs can now assess their financial data by project, task, or other configurable dimensions to analyze the data for improved decision making.
  • Streamlined Multi-Entity Consolidation – The growth of business in construction drives the need for large numbers of legal entities. Sage Intacct Construction reduces the time for a typical financial consolidation from up to 100 hours down to just minutes.
  • Project Estimates – CFMs can now easily track and manage costs and productivity throughout the full life cycle of a project, with several specific functions including estimates, job controls, and accounting.

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