How Sending AR Statements in Acumatica Helped Our Collections Process

“The ability to easily email Accounts Receivables statements in Acumatica that we can customize and format in a way that appeals to our customers has greatly improved our collections process. Now customers can see a list of open invoices, payments, credits, and pre-paid balances.”

Back in the day, every business used to mail AR statements to their customers. Everyone got a paper statement of their account, just like a credit card statement, every month. That’s just how people did it.

But eventually, companies started to move away from doing traditional mailing due to the cost.

Most ERP systems will produce an AR statement that you can send and just attach it as a file to an email. When we used Microsoft Dynamics GP we did not think this was an easy process, so we stopped sending them out.

We struggled with questions like How many people are going to get the statement? What does the statement look like? What kind of communication do we wrap around the statement to get it to the right team member, or to multiple team members? How can we prevent the email from getting ignored because it looks like any other generic, unpersonalized email?

We got frustrated because we wanted to format the AR statements in a certain way and we could not.

Plus, with Dynamics GP we would need to use an add-on product that would send alerts like you get from Amazon, “Hey, your order has shipped,” and “Click here to view details”.

Now we use Acumatica. And all of our customers get AR statements again.

In Acumatica we can customize the AR statement to show our logo. We even embed a message at the bottom with a hyperlink that says “Back office system powered by Acumatica” which is nice marketing for us.  And a link that says “click to pay” with our integrated credit card vendor.

Of course, we always sent out invoices, but AR statements are different. A statement shows a list of all open and paid invoices, balances carried forward, pre-paid blocks of time and more background information.

We found our customers were saying, “We didn’t receive that invoice you said you sent… ” or “we don’t know how much time we have left on our prepaid block of hours”.

This really proved to us that sending out AR statements really made a lot of sense. And the fact that we can make introduce those statements in a way that is informative and clear to the customer is a huge bonus.

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By CAL Business Solutions,

Our Story - Benefits of Moving From Dynamics GP to Acumatica

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