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One of the things I love most about Acumatica’s platform is its flexibility to fit any screen size you might have.  Most ERP systems (especially the old-style ones written pre-2000) must have a typical desktop experience, usually because the forms and windows carry a lot of data and it’s hard to see on a tiny screen.  While Acumatica offers full-size desktop windows that are well designed and displayed, they also excel at dynamically resizing any window or form to fit beautifully on a tablet or smartphone.  As a technologist, what I love about this is that I don’t have to install any extra software to make this magic happen – it just works.  Because Acumatica is built on the web for the web, it has smart technology to resize to any window that can display a web page.


But who really cares?

I used to think, quite frankly, that having an ERP system work on a smartphone was a stupid idea.  How many accountants want to create a GL Account while riding the subway?  Who is going to enter a detailed purchase order on their tablet on the beach?  Yeah, those might be a little far-fetched.  But once I saw how Acumatica does “any device” I changed my tune.

Because ERP has the word Enterprise in it.  As in, all functions of your business, no matter how far they reach.  For starters, this includes receipt management.  I travel a lot and having the ability to enter my hotel, car, and coffee receipts into my tiny little smartphone makes a lot of sense.  Traditionally, you have to write (or pay for) a special application to do that and integrate it with your ERP.  Not Acumatica.  It’s the same form you see at your desk, just nicely resized on your phone.  So, there’s no special software to buy, manage, learn, or configure.  It just works.


The List Keeps Going

Once you’ve got receipts, why not Time entry?  Some consultants work on projects out in the field, so why not tally the day’s work on your tablet?  Acumatica has you covered there too.  Doing Field Service?  Looking up a schedule?  Making a sales call and need to know your inventory in stock?  You bring the screen, Acumatica is ready to show you what you need.


And because it’s Acumatica, you’re getting live, up-to-the-moment data no matter what screen you use.  24/7/365.  Without having to pay extra.  It just works, and it’s included in the product.


Once I realized that receipts, time entry, sales calls, and all that not-at-your-desk work actually does get done out there, it dawned on me how practical it is to make all those features work on a small screen.  And once you have that many features of an ERP working on any size window, wouldn’t it make sense to just make it work for every feature in the ERP?  Turns out, yes.


Spend time where it counts

While you may never want to edit your Chart of Accounts on the subway (I actually have a geek friend who would) there are many useful reasons to have ERP functionality on your smartphone. Think about how you can leave work early to go to your daughter’s swim meet or son’s soccer game. You can get things done while waiting at the doctor’s office because most of the time they are backed up and your appointment is never at the time it was supposed to be. That is why they call it a waiting room, right? You can work by the pool, at the beach, and stay in the know while on vacation. But I would do this sparingly because we all need a break.


I’m thankful Acumatica thought about that a long time ago when they designed things the way they did.  Because I have to account for quite a few cups of coffee.


Before jumping in, Rockton Connect is here to help understand your business strategy and cloud strategy. Working with growing businesses for more than 20 years has taught us a thing or two about what companies want from an ERP solution. We are helping businesses thrive by connecting people, processes, and priorities.

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By: Rockton Connect,, Colorado and North Dakota based Acumatica Partner.

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