Why Move Your Business to Azure Cloud Services?


So you know what the cloud is but you're still not sold on it.  Why move your business there?  Well, there are several advantages to doing so and we're going to take a look at a few of them as provided by Microsoft's Azure cloud services.


Azure Cloud Services Value(s)

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Microsoft, Azure reduces time required to manage applications by 80% and time to deploy new applications by 50%.  This allows businesses to focus on innovation with applications instead of basic administrative tasks.  Indeed, there are many productivity gains to be made with Azure.  Likewise, speedy application deployment means quicker earnings and ROI from Azure migration.  In fact, Forrester's study found a 466% ROI five-year analysis estimate and many other savings related to moving a business to Azure as well.


Azure Cloud Services Uses and Benefits

  • A move to Azure enables bringing new servers online in a matter of minutes, meaning greater organizational agility from an operational standpoint as well as greatly expanding data capacity.
  • It also means not having to worry about compliance issues pertaining to data – with Azure this is taken care of already.
  • Availability is no longer an issue either – say goodbye to unproductive down-time related to IT infrastructure outages – as Azure guarantees 99.9% service availability.
  • Data backup is simplified and recovery times are shortened in the advent of local data loss – Azure stores your data backups in geo-replicated storage, savings six copes across two datacenters.


Additionally, Azure security center allows organizations to protect themselves through best practices, detection of threats, monitoring of the state of security across all workloads both local and cloud-based and quick detection and remediation of vulnerabilities, limiting exposure to threats.


And finally, Azure allows unlimited business data storage and provides tools for data analytics, allowing organizations to make more-informed decision which are predictive and intentional, taking into account the whole picture, rather than reactive and inefficiently small in scope.  This capability allows businesses to unearth insights to better business which might otherwise lie buried forever under a mountain of data.


Interested in taking advantage of what Azure has to offer?  Request more information or contact us.



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