Through Cloud ERP, MiiR Expands Strategically while Distributing Products and Purpose Worldwide

It’s hard to know what one thinks when suddenly faced with a life-threatening experience. For MiiR CEO and Founder Bryan Papé, after breaking his femur from hitting a tree while skiing, that moment of reflection afterwards was pivotal.

“When you break your femur, you have the chance to hit your femoral artery and you can bleed to death internally in about 10 minutes,” Papé says. While sitting there alone, faced with the thought of potentially losing his life with only minutes to spare, Bryan reflected on what friends and family would say about him at his funeral. “I realized at that moment that nobody would have gotten up and said anything positive about me helping in my community or really impacting people around me.”

Questions followed. Bryan would later ask himself, how do you merge business and philanthropy? How can you create a company that is consistently generous on a daily basis and gives back to the community while also being sustainable as a business? And this was how the concept of MiiR was created. Three years after his accident, he started his purpose-driven company, and its incredible success eventually led him to Acumatica cloud ERP.

MiiR, a Seattle-based certified B Corp and award-winning Product to Project™ company, produces premium stainless steel drinkware and donates a portion of revenue to organizations who practice sustainable methods of empowerment. With an emphasis on securing clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities, every MiiR product contains a Give CodeTM that customers can register to track the impact their purchase has made. To date, MiiR has given over $1M and empowered the lives of 115,000+ people worldwide.

However, similar to what many startups experience, as MiiR’s visibility and success grew, so did its challenges. Many of its issues were related to the various, segmented technology solutions the company was using at the time to track customer orders. From utilizing QuickBooks, Shopify and Google Sheets, MiiR’s various tracking systems didn’t communicate or integrate with each other and this became even more difficult as the company’s products increased in success and customer demand.

MiiR needed a streamlined and accessible system that would easily track and regulate orders in one comprehensive tool. Wanting to be a truly connected, digital business, MiiR chose Acumatica’s Cloud ERP solution for its mobility capabilities, automation, dashboards, flexibility and integration with third-party solutions. What also drew Papé to Acumatica was that its Cloud ERP is simple, scalable and robust while having powerful APIs. As the MiiR team continued to expand, the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution scaled with the company’s growth and provided a holistic view into the various blossoming departments of the company. At MiiR, each team member gets a bird’s eye view through Acumatica into what’s happening with the ops team, accounting team, warehousing and processing and more. MiiR employees are able to have access to real-time data and a snapshot of the business itself.

The use of Cloud ERP tools led to tangible results for the company, enabling it to grow with agility. With Acumatica, MiiR was able to streamline and improve the efficiency of its warehouse operations with the capability of their inventory being updated in real-time. MiiR’s customer service model also significantly improved as Acumatica provided visibility into the status of customer orders.

As MiiR continues to thrive and partner with such global brands as Patagonia, Starbucks, Blue Bottle Coffee and more, Acumatica Cloud ERP enables the company to branch out deliberately and with intention while on its journey of growth. “Our ability to equip every department with the necessary tools to make quality informed decisions is paramount. That, coupled with good insight into where all the data sits within our system, is how we’re able to continue to grow, said Papé. “The future for MiiR is bright.”

Watch the MiiR video testimonial.

By Sean Chatterjee, Vice President, Partner Sales, Acumatica,



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