Ready to Expand Your Knowledge? Try Acumatica on Demand Training

As any Acumatica user knows, the software is user-friendly, despite how powerful it is. But sometimes you don’t have time to click around the system trying to figure out things on the fly or Googling them. Instead, it’s often more efficient to learn directly from the people who know the system best. Thankfully, Acumatica understands this and gives users plenty of learning opportunities. The best part is, many of these training courses are offered online, ready to be viewed any time. So, you can participate in Acumatica on-demand training whenever the mood strikes you or you find yourself with a hole to fill in your schedule.

Below is a list of the latest, on Acumatica demand end-user courses


  • Basic system configuration 2019 R1
  • Prices and Discounts 2019 R1
  • CRM Marketing Operations 2019 R1
  • Inventory Replenishment and Purchase Requisitions 2019 R1
  • Basic Financials 2019 R1
  • CRM Sales Operations 2019 R1
  • Project Billing and Change Management 2019 R1

Explore them and choose the one that interests you.


Or, if you are new to Acumatica and are looking for more in-depth training to help you hit the ground running, check out Open University. It offers a wide variety of training paths, each of which contain several Acumatica on-demand training courses centered around a single subject to get you familiar with how the ins and outs of that area of the system works. The training path options include:

  • Finance Management
  • Orders and Inventory
  • Project Accounting
  • Services
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management


Prefer in person training? Need training on a very specific subject upon which Acumatica on-demand training is not yet available? Contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and see how our in-house Acumatica experts can help!

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A NC Acumatica partner,

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