Stop the Information Overload by Applying Parameters to Acumatica Dashboards

Sometimes you just don’t need to see so much data.

The dashboards in Acumatica are great and provide so much information. But sometimes it is too much. Now, as of Acumatica 2018, there is an easy way to add parameters, like filters, to the data in a dashboard, so that you only see what you need.  This can make it much easier to solve a problem related to a specific customer or item.

It also means that one dashboard can be used in multiple ways. In the past, if a sales manager wanted to see sales data sorted by each salesperson they would have to create a separate dashboard for each person. Now, the main Sales dashboard can be filtered by the sales rep. This shrinks the number of dashboards a company needs, which eliminates a lot of extra work and tracking.

Another example is the Customer View Dashboard. This dashboard will show all orders to ship, all late orders, all open opportunities in the last 12 months. Now in Acumatica, you can add a parameter on top of this window. When you enter the customer name all these dashboards will filter to show the results just for that customer.

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This is also helpful if you have multiple support cases open for a given customer. If you look at all cases over a period of time, then apply the filter, you can see just the cases for that one customer. In our Case Overview Dashboard at CAL, we have set up filters to filter by Case Owner and Customer.

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Another way to filter data is by using color coding and conditional highlighting in Acumatica.

In this example, the opportunities have been highlighted to show green (won), yellow (new) or red (lost) depending on the current status. (In the sidebar navigation, you can also see the individual customer data, as mentioned above).

Highlighting Inquiries and Side Panel Navigation

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At CAL we have applied conditional coloring to our Case Overview Dashboard and Cases Generic Inquiry in Acumatica. Before this, we did not have any easy way to see which support cases were for our Dynamics GP clients and which were for Acumatica clients. Now in Acumatica 2019 with conditional formatting any Dynamics GP customer in the open case window is green, and Acumatica cases are blue. If they are critical cases, the line is red.

This change was made in about 10 minutes. But it makes our support team much more productive.

One thing that we like about using Acumatica is that they are continually adding new features designed to make working in the system easier. These are changes any user with a bit of Acumatica training can do quickly and easily.

Are you looking at too much data? Ask us more about setting up parameters in Acumatica Cloud ERP. We can set them up for you or train your team to do it on your own.

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