From Nightmare to Triumph – Disaster Recovery with the Crestwood Cloud

Crestwood CloudIf you were to be asked at this moment where your backups are, would you be able to answer? Do you know if your ERP system has reliable backups, that has easy access if disaster were to strike? Our intentions are not to scare you, but from past experiences we know it is critical to have a robust and reliable backup plan to be able to maintain business continuity. The Crestwood Cloud is the most robust and reliable, so let us tell you why.

Crestwood Cloud

Cloud-based computing is developing at an alarming rate and shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses have realized how many different types of problems it solves, especially with modern ERP systems. Here are four true stories from the Crestwood Cloud:

The Wrongly Restored Snapshot

Wrong Restored Snapshot

We were working on a large project with one of our clients. Someone within their organization accidentally restored a Snapshot, causing them to overwrite all the work that we had completed together. The bigger issue was that they didn’t notice until after two weeks have passed. They panicked and called our team. They lucked out, since their ERP is hosted in the Crestwood Cloud, and not solely on-premise, we were able to easily restore the current view with Recovery Services. They lost almost no time or data. There was potential for a very large problem, but it was fixed in only a few minutes of searching through the cloud backups. This could have been impossible had they been on the old on-premises legacy ERP systems.

The Bungled Upgrade

A client attempted a massive upgrade on their own, but something went wrong along the way. The following week, they tried to reset the system to the back up from the previous week, but it was nowhere to be found in their backup. This happens often because many systems only keep the backup files for 3 days before deleting. They contacted the Crestwood team and we were able to simply restore the environment back to normal (before the failed upgrade). We then walked them through the upgrade again. This time there were no setbacks or data loss.


The Loss of Memory

Crestwood Cloud Security

A client was experiencing severe lags in their system. It slowed to a crawl then stopped and made it impossible to get anything done. It was a memory issue, as they scaled up, so did their memory needs. Crestwood moved them to the cloud where they had the unlimited ability to grow. Their system then sped back up for maximum efficiency. Taking the extra step to ensure this wouldn’t happen again, we discovered their out-of-control memory usage arose from huge log files, a common but disastrous problem.  We helped our client identify why the log files were so large and they rectified the problem.  This process didn’t take weeks, days, or hours; as soon as we identified the problem, our Crestwood Cloud team solved it in minutes.


The Ransomware Attack

Having not moved to the cloud yet, one client was struck by a ransomware attack. When attackers strike, they look for your backups, so that you’ll have no choice but to pay the ransom. Since they were entirely on-premise, they lost a significant amount of data – a nightmare scenario for any company.

Questions to Ask Yourself About the Cloud

  1. Do you have confidence in your disaster recovery plan?
    Crestwood Cloud is powered by Azure, so you know it’s supported by the industry’s best.
  2. Do you have point-in-time recovery?
    We can restore back to any time (not just certain backup points). If need be, we can restore to the single minute before something bad happened.
  3. How quickly can you scale?
    There is unlimited scalability potential in the cloud. You don’t need to worry about added IT costs or support, or capital investment in more physical storage. You only pay for what you use.
  4. Can you defend against ransomware?

Our Recovery Services Vault actually prevents deletion of records for this exact reason. You have to actually issue a request to have data deleted, so there’s no chance an attacker can access your backups.

Crestwood Cloud Vault

As we like to say, data that you don’t have at least two copies of, is data that you don’t care about. These are just four stories of many more that have happened. If you partner with the Crestwood team and our cloud services, we will be able to protect you and help with all of your data needs.  Click here to learn more about the Crestwood Cloud, and contact us at today!

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