6 Good Reasons for Upgrading to a Modern ERP

There is no denying that business tools and processes are changing almost faster than we can keep up with. Remember when we managed our businesses with data processors, spreadsheets, rolodexes, and basic email? Collaboration was difficult, BI (business intelligence) nearly non-existent, and there was paper all over the office. How did we do that?

Those tools may have been the best available at the time, but now, just a short time later, they are inefficient and outmoded. And although you eventually upgraded your tools, there’s a good chance that. If it’s been several years or if your business has changed significantly, you’ve once again outgrown your technology.

The good news is that today, there are a variety of business application platforms and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions available that can meet your needs, transform the way you do business, and help you reach the next level.

Here are six good reasons for upgrading to a modern ERP solution:

1. Adaptability

Modern business application platforms and ERP systems are built to be fully adaptable. With growth to your business comes change, and with an adaptable system, you can easily incorporate additional processes that allow you to stay ahead of trends and easily meet client expectations. Cloud based software enables you to remain connected to your processes and data from wherever and whenever you work.

2. Scalability

Scalability of your software is essential as your business grows and changes. It’s inefficient to pay for features you don’t use now, and it’s equally inefficient not to have those features when you need them in the future. With modern business platforms, you only pay for the platform and the services that you need now. Later, you can scale the platform and services to match your growing needs rather than outgrowing and needing to replace the solution.

3. Reliability

Choosing a reliable modern solution is crucial to this new stage of your growing business. Your reliability will influence the expansion of your customer base. Finding a reliable platform will not only improve your processes and reduce errors, but it will increase your ability to help your customers and ultimately add value to your business as a whole. With a reliable system, you’ll be able to trust the data available and necessary for making crucial business decisions.

4. Manageability

The ability to manage and track your inventory and data is essential for the efficient running of your business. Upgrading to a modern business application platform will make this much easier, more efficient, and overall more cost-effective. With a deep knowledge of the true status of your assets, you can position your company for growth, improve customer service, and plan for the future.

5. Flexibility

Your business has a unique set of requirements. There are several different platforms designed with this in mind. Platforms such as Acumatica Cloud ERP Solutions offer a range of options that are uniquely tailored for various industries. They can easily be configured to address your challenges and help you reach your ultimate company goals. This flexibility provides a great starting point and limits the amount of initial customization required to get things set up just the way you need them.

6. Customizability

A truly useful feature of modern ERP solutions is that they can be easily customized to exactly meet the present and future needs of your business. You have worked hard to build your business over the years. When you’ve done everything from designing spreadsheets to creating your logo and letterhead, It can be hard to let go of some of the fruits of your hard labor. With customizable platforms, you don’t have to let go. Modern business application platforms offer the possibility of deep customizations to suit your specific business needs. Customizability allows you to incorporate documents, reports, and processes that you’d like to continue using to avoid customer confusion and contribute to user continuity.

If you think you’re ready to upgrade to a modern business application platform or ERP, you can begin right away. The project may seem daunting, but it will have a huge and lasting impact on your business for years to come. To get started, contact our experts at AppSolute Consulting Group.

By AppSolute Consulting Group, appsolute.com

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