What ERP Buyers Want in our Cloud-first World

The ERP landscape has shifted from traditional, on-premise client/server deployments to software-as-a-service (SaaS), ERP in the cloud.  Buyers have realized this shift adds many advantages for their business, including:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Elasticity
  • Cost Savings

Gartner projects huge growth of core ERP systems in the cloud by 2025.  IT leaders also say maintaining software, hardware and infrastructure is no longer a core part of their business and freeing up IT resources allows them to stay competitive and bring more advances to the market.

How buyer characteristics have changed over the last several years:

Choosing a Savvy Partner is More Important Than Ever

A cloud provider should never just sell you a product and move on. You need someone who can work with you to narrow down your choices, confirm your purchase decision, and then work with you to ensure your business processes can be successfully implemented through the chosen system.

Additionally, you want to select a cloud ERP partner with expertise in your industry and ERP products.  They are the ones to assist you to design a realistic implementation strategy, so it’s imperative your partner knows how cloud operations can effectively be transitioned into your business procedures.

Collaboration Matters

Time moves in an accelerated fashion in a cloud world, so it is important that the cloud ERP buying process is as collaborative as possible to ensure fast results.  The cloud ERP Partner and Buyer need to enter into a trusting, collaborative relationship so that both sides can work together to successfully implement the new system on-time/budget and create the marketing case study!

Have Questions About Moving to the Cloud?

Crestwood Associates would like to be your cloud ERP partner.  We are the cloud experts for small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries.  Don’t get stuck with the wrong ERP system for your business.  Download our free eBook, A 25 Point Checklist.

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