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We live in the information age. We are continuously bombarded with information, not only about things we’d like to know but also about a lot of things that are unnecessary and can keep us distracted, unfocussed, or confused. In our determination to stay informed, we use our phones, tablets, and computers all day and late into the night.

We’re certainly better informed than were our forebears who needed a week to get last week’s news from across the country, never mind around the globe. But is all that information really benefitting us? Perhaps a better question is whether it is benefitting our business in the best possible way.

We have all the latest technology for gathering and dispensing information; what our business needs is technology that can filter the plethora of information and give it to us in a form we can use to make informed decisions and reach our business goals.

Use AI to Improve the Relevance of Data

Actionable insight is a term in data analytics for information that can be acted upon or information that gives enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear for decision makers.

SYSPRO ERP uses artificial intelligence (AI) within its rules engine to intelligently select which events have meaning and then employ a set of active notifications to inform users. The information you need gets to you quickly and without a lot of other distracting data.

SYSPRO Combines Features for Maximum Value

The SYSPRO ERP rules engine was released with SYSPRO Harmony, SYSPRO’s social platform. The rules engine latches onto information and, according to filters that have been set, decides what data matters and what should be done with it. During 2019, SYSPRO’s innovation team will be fleshing out the existing products and bringing them together to really harness their power. SYSPRO will tackle this by providing support in their Rules Engine for Machine Learning and Active Notifications to their web-based interface Avanti, Bots, and SYSPRO Espresso mobile, and allowing these rules to be easily set up and configurable from inside Avanti.

An example of how these smart notifications work would be if a purchase order were changed, a warning of a potential delivery delay would be automatically generated. You can see how useful this would be in various scenerios within the manufacturing and distribution arena.

SYSPRO ERP’s powerful new features integrate with the latest innovative technology to pave the way to digitize your business, streamline your supply chain, and provide greater control and visibility while simplifying and personalizing your ERP experience.

If you’d like to know how SYSPRO ERP can help you harness your data for the benefit of your business, contact our experts at Circle City Software Solutions.

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