Getting ROI from Your ERP

With recent advancements in increased functionality, flexibility, and speed, modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions such as Acumatica have become indispensable to today’s business organizations.

No doubt you appreciate that the various ERP solutions are designed to integrate your data and streamline your business processes throughout your organization. Shared data bases open new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in such areas as inventory and asset management, order processing, accounting, HR, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and more.

But can your ERP carry its weight? In other words, will you be able to see ROI (Return on Investment) from your ERP?

You may not be able to judge accurately the full value of your ERP until it has been in place for three to five years. By then you should be seeing a noticeable profit. So, if you’re wondering whether a new or updated ERP can pay for itself while helping you grow your business, here are a few things to consider:


Right up front, ERP can save you money on hardware and software, particularly if the ERP system you choose is cloud-based as are most of the leading solutions. You’ll save on servers and implementation costs, and with cloud-based ERP you also save a considerable amount on IT, troubleshooting, security, and updates, all of which should be taken care of by your cloud service provider.

You’ll also save money due to the increased efficiency of your business processes and your employees. You’ll pay less overtime and increase employee satisfaction when important work can be done without the tedium of manual processes.


With your business processes and data centralized and automated, your staff can spend less time and work with greater productivity. Your workflow will be improved across your entire unified organization, and it will be easy to keep everyone on the same page. This will translate into less demand for oversight, easier auditing, and enhanced compliance processes.

Asset control

Implementing a new ERP solution will allow you a complete start-to-finish view of your supply chain and will improve inventory control and planning, eliminate waste, and improve your procurement process.

Given the ability to pinpoint where spending can be reined-in and processes improved, you’ll eliminate waste of both materials and resources in departments throughout your organization.


Your customers want to do business with an organization that operates efficiently and allows them visibility into their order processing. If you can shorten fulfillment time and maintain quality control, you’ll gain more business. And if you give your customers access to service, assistance, and problem resolution, they will gladly remain loyal to you.

When you consider what a modern, integrated ERP solution can do for your business, you’ll realize that after the first couple of years, continued use of your system will deliver increased profits from a combination of savings across numerous departments and increased efficiency and improvement overall.

ERP technology will be a vital component in reaching your long-term goals.

Implementing a new or updated ERP solution is a project for which you’re going to want expert guidance.  If you’d like to know more about how a modern ERP solution such as Acumatica can deliver ROI and prepare your business for future growth, contact our experts at AppSolute.

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