Can Acumatica Cloud ERP Be Implemented Quickly?

When CAL introduced Acumatica Cloud ERP to this company it met all of their requirements at the right price and was accepted by their corporate and technical teams.

This was a relief because the ERP product originally chosen was rejected by the technical team of their parent company. Then the next option on the shortlist had a minimum user count that made it cost-prohibitive.

Acumatica Cloud ERP was the right solution for Fidelux, a Connecticut based manufacturer of top-tier LED lighting solutions to private and public sector clients nationwide.

Once the decision was made the new ERP system was able to be implemented quickly.  Acumatica was purchased February 17th and the company had their Quickbooks data converted and went live on Acumatica on April 1st.

One reason Fidelux was able to get Acumatica up and running in a minimum amount of hours is because they had a strong internal project manager that was able to really dig in, use the self-service resources available with their subscription, and assist with the implementation. Their internal team, supported by the services of the CAL Business Solutions team, kept the project moving.

Fidelux was able to save money by getting Acumatica up and running in a minimum amount of hours and then learning to improve the system on their own.

Read the full success story at to find out the details of the project and the benefits: Lighting Manufacturer Saves Money with Rapid Implementation of Flexible Acumatica Cloud ERP System

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