Training Options for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central

Behind every happy Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Business Central customer is a well-trained customer. To maximize your investment, it’s important to consider on-going training for Dynamics 365 in addition to your initial implementation. This will help continue to increase your staff’s productivity over time. You may have a turnover in staff, beginners who are ready for more advanced training or you may implement more features, add companies and lines of business, or add-on solutions from AppSource. training for Dynamics 365

As Microsoft Dynamics consultants, we get questions about what training resources are available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central. For the Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYs), here are two online training resources that will help you learn specific topics at your own pace. There are four primary types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic (learn by doing), reading, writing and visual. This free Microsoft Dynamics resource may only get you so far, so consider partner training as an option to augment the online training when you are mapping out your ongoing training strategy.

Microsoft Training Resources for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Online Learning Path and Modules What to Expect  

Visit the Microsoft Learn training site HERE to find the Learning Paths and Modules for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This learning resource caters to the kinesthetic, reading/writing and visual learner. Sorry auditory learners, these are courses you read through, no audio here.  The material contains flow charts and screenshots, there are exercises to follow within your own software and then you test your knowledge with a quiz.

The Microsoft Learn site has Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations topics ranging from warehouse management, accounts payable daily procedures, to setting up workflows for improved automation. There’s the Search field to find a specific course for the topic of interest. Also, to the left, you will find handy filters to sort by Roles (Administrator, Business User or Functional Consultant) and by Levels of experience (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced). The courses are organized in Learning Paths and Modules. Each Learning Path shows how many Modules are included, a summary of the course and an estimate of the time to complete ranging from 25 minutes for a Module to over 9 hours to complete a Learning Path.   Keep in mind that there are several choices for Products so be sure to choose: Dynamics 365 > Finance and Operations.

Microsoft Training Resources for Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there’s a Microsoft sponsored training resource in the Dynamics 365 Community site found HERE. There are several resources ranging from setup, developing apps and inventory management.   There are plans to have the training resources on the Learning site in the near future.

Get Microsoft Certified Partner Training for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central

In many cases, the most effective training is with a live human training session in real-time. We help Microsoft customers in the field and have consultants with over 200 years of combined experience implementing, training and servicing customers. Our clients report they get the most value from the interaction with our Microsoft certified instructors. Personalized training is preferred when you have a workforce that spans several generations and has various levels of experience and proficiency. Working with a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner offers a customized learning environment where questions can be addressed. Investing in training helps you create an environment for successful adoption and utilization of your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

Clients First Training Options – What to Expect

Typically, our clients choose to work with our Clients First Functional Consultants for the best training for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central.  The main reasons our customers choose us is because we work closely to help your employees at all levels (basic, intermediate or advanced) and we understand your business. Our experienced Dynamics 365 professionals cover best practices in business processes, functionality, customization and even coding. Our goal is to help your employees develop the right mindset to fully leverage your own business innovation with the potential of the system.

Over the years we adapted our training program to meet the growing demand for high-quality Dynamics training. There are three training options available with several options for off-site or on-site lessons. Hopefully, you’ll find an option that makes the most sense for you:

      • Project team training – We provide you with a detailed overview of all modules and third-party software. Our trainers share in-depth product knowledge and business experience to assist you in exploring and simulating ERP functionality that corresponds to how you will be using the software in various business scenarios. Customers can either choose to train their staff during testing prior to go live or our consultants can provide the training for end users.
      • Quickstart training – Our quick-start training focuses on the most essential areas of the software with your own company-specific practices. We focus on the modules and features you need to perform your job efficiently. When you get access to the training you need it helps get you up and running quickly from day one.
      • Custom training– Our customized training program is developed to meet the unique business requirements of your company.

Our training programs will allow your staff to use the software to its full potential while enabling your organization to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. For more information about our Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (formerly Dynamics AX)Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV), or Acumatica Cloud ERP training and support programs, contact us at 800-331-8382 or email us at

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