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Crestwood Cloud Backup plan

My motto is: data that you don’t have at least two copies of is data that you don’t care about. This goes a long way to protect your family photos and other personal data. If you think a reliable data security strategy for an enterprise is complicated, (it can be) but it doesn’t have to.

When we built our Crestwood Cloud platform, one of the key conditions defined was an airtight backup. But we wanted to go beyond that expectation. We wanted a backup solution that traveled through space and time (however we did not build it out of a DeLorean). We used a number of building blocks in the Microsoft Azure platform to draw up a backup solution that can protect against an immense number of data loss scenarios.

It starts with the built-in capabilities of the SQL Server database engine. SQL is transactional, meaning changes to the database may be grouped together into plausible units, like the credits and debits of a journal entry. This way, it’s possible to recover the database to a “consistent” state, meaning there are no partially-committed transactions in the system.

Using SQL Server’s full recovery capabilities, we allow clients to restore their database to any moment in time in the last several days, down to the second. This protects against the scenario where an accidental delete or update damages your files. This saves time and money; you’ll never have to redo any of your data.

What if I need a restore at an earlier date?

It happens. Sometimes we don’t discover the problem until much later. What happens if you need a version of your data from a week ago? A month? Last quarter?

Snapshot of dataWe wanted to ensure our clients were protected from this type of data loss scenario, so we leveraged Azure’s Recovery Services Vault. Getting back to our “two copies” maxim, the vault is a geo-redundant storage grid, meaning the data that we store is replicated to multiple, geographically dispersed data centers in the Azure network. We store complete, encrypted snapshots of all virtual machines in your environment, and maintain them according to the following schedule:

  • Daily snapshots for 30 days
  • Weekly snapshots for 52 weeks
  • Monthly snapshots for 5 years

We often find when evaluating on-premise ERP solutions, that business-critical data is not always backed up properly, especially with legacy systems. It’s always best to test and monitor your recovery procedures to ensure the effectiveness of your security and backup.  It’s one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Recently, one of our clients discovered that they accidentally deleted a huge sum of historical data from their system a few weeks prior. In less than an hour, we attached a snapshot of their database from several weeks ago before the issue happened and migrated individual tables back into their production environment. All of their data was restored without losing current transactions. Great Scotty!

You don’t have to be a Crestwood ERP client to use our backup service either; we have many clients who choose to protect their on-premise ERP with backups through our Crestwood Cloud.  To learn more, contact us at


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