Acumatica was Acquired: What Does it Mean for the Future of the Cloud ERP Platform?

On June 19th, Acumatica announced that it is being acquired by EQT Partners, a global investment firm with $45B (€40B) of assets under management. Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP provider, now has the financial power to compete directly with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, and Sage in the Global market.

As a direct result of this acquisition, Acumatica expects to increase its workforce by 40 to 50 percent each year, has expanded its footprint into 65 countries, and has expanded financial resources available to further develop the solution.

We, at NexVue, are excited about the benefits that these changes will bring to our current and future clients in the form of rapid product development and enhanced and expanded global support. The fact that we will see no changes in the pricelist, product use rights or branding, and Acumatica support will only improve with greater availability worldwide, speaks to the strengths of the Acumatica business model and platform to-date.

As both an Acumatica VAR and ISV, we’re excited to see the increased investment in the growth and development of the Acumatica platform through the financial backing of EQT and collaboration with its other technology entities.

IFS AB (Industrial and Financial Systems) is a global enterprise applications company that is held in the same EQT portfolio as Acumatica. Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President of Enterprise Applications at IDC recently analyzed both Acumatica and IFS independently and said, “each company was identified as a Major Player in the study, but for different reasons, and together they will truly complement one another.”

Acumatica’s CEO, Jon Roskill, had this to say about acquisition announcement:
“We could not have asked for a better match of technologies, strategies, and cultures. IFS and Acumatica both stand for customer satisfaction and choice, providing public, private, and hybrid cloud options as well as modern licensing and rich independent software vendor (ISV) ecosystems. Acumatica’s customer-friendly licensing and industry-leading partner programs will not change, and our award-winning support will only get better...Acumatica is positioned to expand into new markets and offer true global support for our rapidly expanding international customers.”

To learn more about the future of Acumatica, contact NexVue today!

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