3 Reasons Smart Companies Use MICR Laser Checks

Sometimes we just do the same thing we have always done because it works.

For decades companies have been buying boxes of pre-printed checks, and it works. But there is a better way.

With a simple add on to your ERP system, you can print accounts payable and payroll MICR coded checks using blank paper stock. In other words, using MICR fonts, you print checks that include the bank account number, routing number, unique check numbers with custom logos and even signatures.

It is true that you do have to buy special MICR toner cartridges for your printer, but the toner usually only costs between $5 to $8 more than normal cartridges.  And we think the benefits far outweigh the cost.

3 Benefits of MICR Laser Checks:

  1. Save Money: You do not need to buy pre-printed checks that you may not use. For example, if you change anything, such as your company name, address or your bank, you have to throw away and re-order checks. This can be a large expense, especially for companies with multiple bank accounts.
  2. Save Time: You can print signatures directly onto your checks or multiple signatures when required.
  3. Add Security: Checks are printed as they are needed so there is no blank check stock in a box in the office, as a temptation to someone with criminal intent. Additionally, when printing MICR checks you customize signature security and control passwords and approvals. This helps reduce the risk of check fraud.

For our ERP clients, we work with trusted partners that offer MICR functionality for both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica.

Mekorma MICR for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mekorma MICR offers advanced security and AP processing automation for both checks and EFTs in addition to the ability to print checks on blank or pre-printed check stock.

  • Secure Approval Workflow allows users to approve Payables checks and/or EFT batches from any system in which Dynamics GP is installed. Approvers are notified when payment batches are ready for review and approval. When a batch is approved, the person printing checks is notified via email that the batch is ready to print. The system will also create an audit log for each check approved.
  • Signature logic allows you to determine which checks will be automatically signed and which are not, based on the amount of the check or User ID.
  • Check Image Archiving gives you the ability to view check images in Dynamics GP inquiry and print check copies to PDF.
  • Printing Sale information on Refund Checks you can now print item numbers, quantities, prices and other fields from the SOP Return.
  • Multi-Batch Management* automates the payment batch creations process, print all your checks, creates EFT and Safe Pay files, then posts all payment batches across multiple checkbooks and in multiple companies, from one unified screen. *Additional cost will apply. Blank check stock required.

Request a demo and pricing of Mekorma MICR for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

MaxQ Technology AP Laser Checks for Acumatica

Designed for use with Acumatica, AP Laser Checks is a cost-effective, fully integrated check printing solution that streamlines the check printing process.

  • Using MICR fonts, Laser Checks allows you to print checks that include the account number, routing number and unique check numbers for an unlimited number of bank accounts with custom logos, signatures and bank information quickly and easily.
  • Print signatures directly onto your checks or multiple signatures when required.
  • Set a dollar amount threshold for when a password is required to print a check with a signature or require manual signatures.
  • Print checks in multiple formats to fit different check stock layouts.
  • Print blanks checks that can then have handwritten amounts added to them, allowing you to write checks on the fly.
  • Print duplicate checks, including a watermark to easily keep copies as records.

Request a demo and pricing of MaxQ Technology AP Laser Checks for Acumatica.

If you are evaluating ERP Software or are using Microsoft Dynamics GP or Acumatica and want a trusted advisor, contact CAL Business Solutions. [email protected] or 860-485-0910 x4

Review the CAL Marketplace of trusted add on tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner


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