Comparison of PCS, PCP and SaaS Licensing Options for Acumatica Cloud ERP

Have you received a price quote for Acumatica Cloud ERP recently? You might see licensing referred to as PCS, PCP or SaaS…but what does that mean?

  • PCS stands for Private Cloud Subscription.
  • PCP stands for Private Cloud Perpetual.
  • SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

Here is a brief comparison of PCS, PCP, and SaaS licensing so you can determine which is right for your business.

  • Where can you deploy the software?

Both PCS and PCP licenses can be deployed anywhere, on-premises or in a private data center, depending on your preference. It may be that you need a specific deployment type to manage regulations or you need to install in a location with poor Internet connectivity, so the cloud is not a good option for you. On the other hand, SaaS deployments (always in the cloud) are managed by Acumatica directly.

  • What is included in the license cost?

SaaS deployments include hardware, software, connectivity, data monitoring, data backup, and high availability. PCS and PCP licenses include the software only.

  • Who owns the software?

PCP requires customers to purchase and own a license. Both PCS and SaaS licensing allow customers to pay an annual subscription to use the software without owning it.

  • Who does the updates?

PCP customers are required to pay annual maintenance payments in order to receive the latest software. And you need to pay to update it on your own. Both PCS and SaaS are subscriptions that automatically include the latest software updates.

  • How is it paid?

Both PCS and SaaS are paid as annual subscriptions. PCP requires you to purchase a license and pay annual maintenance fees to keep the software up to date. However, unlike SaaS, hosting and other cloud services are not included – which means that PCP licenses have a significantly lower price point. Just be sure to factor in all the ongoing costs.

Some people think that Acumatica, as a true cloud solution, is ONLY available to be run in the cloud. But that is not true. You can also choose a more traditional, on-premises deployment for Acumatica.

A summary of the Acumatica licensing and deployment options:

Cloud – Software as a Service (SaaS)

An annual subscription license to Acumatica for a system run in a public cloud provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You pay a set monthly fee and your IT infrastructure, plus upgrades are handled by Acumatica. This is a completely outsourced true “Cloud” model.

Hosted – Private Cloud Subscription (PCS)

An annual subscription license for Acumatica hosted in a private cloud with the hosting provider of your choice. You decide where the software and data is hosted and when updates are applied. This option gives you more control but also more work.

Traditional On-Premise – Private Cloud Perpetual (PCP)

A license for Acumatica that you pay upfront for the perpetual use of Acumatica ERP. This has been the legacy model and includes an annual maintenance charge. It can be deployed on your servers on- premise or anywhere else you choose because you own the software.

CAL Business Solutions can help you compare your options and choose the right Acumatica licensing and deployment options. Contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4 or

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