Why Manufacturers Are Making the Switch to Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

The right manufacturing ERP software can really revolutionize your business. It can help you to:

  • Streamline processes
  • Remove silos between departments
  • Make inventory issues a thing of the past
  • Improve supply chain efficiency and ultimately satisfaction

But, as great as the right manufacturing ERP software can be for your business, the results can be equally disastrous when you have the wrong one. Instead of improving employee productivity, and efficiency, an ERP that’s not a good fit for your business can drag you down. If it is too difficult to learn, has a ton of features you don’t really need or not the ones you do, your employees will have to create time-consuming workarounds to get the job done. Or worst of all they won’t want to use the system at all.

If you can relate, you aren’t alone. Since there are so many factors and options to consider, it is not at all unusual for manufacturers to find a year or two after buying an ERP, they could have made a better choice, or they’re already outgrowing it. Even if your ERP was a great fit for many years, the manufacturing industry changes so quickly, you may simply reach a point where it just can’t keep up.

No matter which of these issues you’re facing, if they sound familiar, it may be time to consider looking at new manufacturing ERP software.


Meet Acumatica

Acumatica is fast becoming one of the most popular manufacturing ERPs on the market today. Here are a few reasons:


Better data control

It erases the issue of outdated or incorrect data. Acumatica connects your departments, giving you a single version of the truth. Finally, you can stop reentering data in multiple places, and wondering if the information you’re looking at is up to date.


Improved collaboration and decision-making

With a single database, everyone always has the latest information at their fingertips. Finally, you can focus on deciding, rather than looking for data and creating reports.


Faster response to customer demands

Today’s savvy manufacturing client wants options and they want the finished goods delivered to them faster than ever. Acumatica makes it easier to respond to these demands with tools to handle engineering changes, plus fix routing and bill of materials errors.


Greater inventory efficiency

When you know exactly what inventory you have on hand and can create accurate demand forecasts, overstocks and shortages are no longer an issue. Acumatica gives you the tools to reduce costs, while balancing supply and demand.


Smarter scheduling

Without an ERP system designed for manufacturing, you’re left scheduling machines, materials, labor and tooling by hand, or relying on a system that does not easily connect with the others you use. Either scenario makes it tough to use your resources to their full potential. Acumatica puts an end to these frustrations. With it, you can accurately forecast sales. Then, calculate capacity requirements and schedule resources to meet those forecasts. No more lost business because of long lead times or resources sitting idle thanks to inefficient planning and scheduling.


Anytime, anywhere access

Since Acumatica is built for the cloud, you can access the entire system on any device. That means, all plant managers need to stay on top of changes to your demand forecasts or schedule is a tablet. And, salespeople can enter orders and opportunities while they’re still fresh in their mind, right from their smartphone. When manufacturing ERP software this user-friendly, your staff is much more likely to use it, making your business more efficient and giving you a better return on your investment.


These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. Hear from Acumatica users like you.



Want to learn more about Acumatica manufacturing ERP software? Visit our website. Not sure whether it’s the right fit for yourbusiness? Contact us. We understand modern manufacturers rely on technology to be successful. One of our specialties is helping them find the right solutions and make the most of each.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica and Microsoft partner


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