The Power of the Platform when Considering Cloud ERP

One of the most important things to understand about choosing a cloud ERP solution is that all of the features and functionality you've been promised ultimately won't mean a thing if the platform at the heart of it all just isn't up to the task. These solutions must be modern and above all else flexible - which is why the platform itself needs to become your primary focus for a number of key reasons that are certainly worth exploring.

The Modern Business Requires a Modern Platform

The over-arching goal of a modern cloud ERP platform is to allow you and your people to focus on being as productive as possible, yes. However, the tools you need to do that will vary wildly depending on the day and the right cloud ERP platform for you should help you embrace that flexibility, not turn it into a disadvantage.

Acumatica's solution, for example, doesn't just bring together a wide array of integrated applications. It does so in a way that lets you handle nearly every business function you might need at a moment's notice. From a single solution you can access not only financials and CRM (customer relationship management) but also manufacturing, project management, field services and more.

All of this is made possible thanks to the Acumatica xRP platform that puts the functionality front and center while the actual core components run in the background. To put it another way, this is a solution that allows your employees to focus every bit of their attention on their unique workflows, their productivity and their business logic. They DON'T have to spend time coming up with workarounds to make up for the limitations of a technology that is trying to change the way they work instead of empower their own ability to choose.

Nick Novy, President and Founder of Korpack emphasized this point in a recent article on Diginomica. "I came from another company where I feel like we chose the wrong ERP system. It actually slowed us down rather than sped us up. So I was pretty adamant on picking the right platform for my new company, and I demoed about 10 or 12 different companies." Ultimately, of those 12 different solutions, Novy chose Acumatica for a number of reasons. "I like the no-user-fee aspect of it, because we have some people that are in the system maybe for a half hour a day. I really like the dashboards and the analytics side as well. The cloud-based system was really nice. It just seemed kind of easy."

One of key elements that the Acumatica platform provides that sets it apart is the testing sandbox. "Acumatica has a great tool called Sandbox. They give us the Sandbox. We’ll work with Dan [Schwartz at NexVue] and his team. We test it. Sometimes, you’ve got to tweak something. They do the tweaks. We do it quite fast. So far, we have no issues," said Sendy Stern, Senior Vice President of Technology at Fabuwood Custom Cabinetry, the 2018 Acumatica Customer of the Year.

All this, AND you get a platform that both acknowledges and embraces that every industry (and every company within those industries) are different. You can't create a competitive advantage for yourself if you're being forced to use the same resources that everyone else is. This, above all else, is why the platform is crucially important when it comes to choosing your cloud ERP deployment.

Learn more with the Acumatica SaaS FAQ

By NexVue, an Acumatica Cloud ERP partner

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