Microsoft Makes Accounting Mobile with Dynamics Business Central

In a world where everything is constantly moving users demand instant access to their information. This ask is popping up across nearly every industry and almost all facets of each business within that industry. Accounting is no different and Microsoft has taken a quick understanding of this. That has led them to roll out the Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app. Accounting at your fingertips.

Your Mobile Office

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You are out to lunch and you get a call. Your boss needs a report or asks for numbers but you don’t have your laptop because, well, you’re on lunch. This situation sounds familiar, right? Well now with the Business Central App you have access to your system. The mobile workspaces function gives you an action hub that is customizable to exactly the info you want to see when opening the app. You can also access favorites (info and dashboards you assign) and recent items to continue where you last left off. The mobile experience leaves you free to pull those numbers easily, even if you are technically at lunch…

Top-Notch Communication

Microsoft has pulled a few lessons from social media and included in-line notes on forms. This keeps important details on the screen when you are leaving notes on a customer or process to end the hassle of switching back and forth between boxes and screens. To make your communication even smoother, the Business Central App has become an all-in-one communication tool. The app allows the user to send emails or make calls without leaving to open another screen. The core design allows the user to work in one space naturally, uninterrupted while still being connected.

Dynamics Business Central is gaining speed in the accounting world and the mobile platform lends to its ease of use and breadth of functionality. You can even test out the software free for 30 days to make sure it is a fit for your business.

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