How To Boost Your ERP Investment With 3rd-Party Time & Expense ERP Integrations

How To Boost Your ERP Investment With 3rd-Party Time & Expense ERP Integrations

You’ve already made the choice to put all your data into one ERP system, whether that’s MS Dynamics, Sage Intacct, NetSuite, or one of many others. While those systems efficiently manage core business data, sometimes the specialized tools like timesheets and expense reports can use a boost. That’s where direct time & expense ERP integrations with a third-party tool can provide a major boost to your operations.

The challenge is that no one likes doing timesheets and expense reports because it means extra work. Plus, there are a lot of people involved, from the employees submitting their time and expenses to the approvers who have to double check those submissions to the CFOs managing the budget all the way to the auditors at the end of the process. Making all of these people happy can seem impossible.

However, third-party partners specifically work to make the whole process easy for everyone involved. Take DATABASICS, for example. Because time and expense is all we do all day long, 365 days a year, we’re experts. We can solve any time and expense challenge that comes our way. And that’s probably because we’ve already seen it and solved it over our 20 years of building products that integrate directly with ERPs. This is the top time & expense ERP integration for mid-size and enterprise organizations.

If you’re ready to grow and optimize your business, a specialized product that manages employee time and simplifies the expense reporting process can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Specifically, here’s how third-party time and expense gives your ERP a boost:

Direct integrations with your ERP

All-in-one time and expense provides organizations with a single-system platform for their needs. This system brings together not only timesheets and expense reports, but also billing, accounting, payroll, HR, and credit card feeds. Further, data moves both ways to keep all systems updated without having to manually import/export and configure data by hand.

Mobile app

Employees are often mobile nowadays. For instance, they may work remotely or they may work in the field. With mobile time and expense, employees don’t have to be tied to their desktop to submit their expense reports or timesheets. With access to time and expense no matter where they are, employees can get their work done on the go.

However, one caveat is that any mobile time and expense app needs to be a full version of the desktop software. The expense report and timesheet app should offer the same functionality as the desktop version. In addition, the app should keep employees and approvers more connected with notifications and alerts about their submissions or their approval queue.

Business rules/policies & compliance management

Automated software can check against your company’s rules at the time of submission. Then, your employees can be notified of any failures, which gives them the chance to make changes and re-submit.

At the other end of the process, auditors can check against often failed policies. The benefit of this feature is that auditors can then suggest revisions or clarifications of policies for the future. When everyone is clear on what the policies are and how to follow them, the whole compliance process is easier. Learn more in our Expense Audit white paper: "Best Practices for a Smoother Expense Reporting and Auditing Process."

Simplify receipt management with digital receipts

Employees just have to take a picture of the receipt and the expense report fills itself out. Certainly, using technology that “reads” receipts improves data quality and reduces the burden on the end user. Plus, lost receipts become a thing of the past. That’s because the digital receipt is stored in the expense report or attached to an expense line time.

Track time and expense to specific activities, projects, clients, or patients

Project tracking might seem simple. However, when you’ve got several projects at once and you’re trying to establish ROI from those projects, it becomes complicated. Tracking time and expenses down to the project or activity level can provide valuable insights about where you’re spending and where you could be saving.

Indeed, automating this process is as simple as inputting the new project, collecting data about that project, and running reports at the end of the project, quarter, or year. As a result, you can easily determine its value.

How can a time & expense ERP integration help?

With DATABASICS and your ERP, you can solve your most difficult time & expense challenges. This is also while giving your users an easy-to-use solution that includes mobile apps. Our integration brings together the latest in expense reporting and timesheets with your ERP's solution. As a result, we simplify the timesheet, leave management, and expense reporting processes. The tight integration provides businesses of all sizes and industries with a unified solution.

Get help with your time & expense evaluation: "Optimize & Grow With DATABASICS Time + Expense"

By DATABASICS' creative marketer, Amanda Canupp Mendoza. DATABASICS is third-party timesheet and expense reporting software with ERP integration. Read more about DATABASICS and your ERP on our site at  or

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