Comparing Acumatica and Sage Cloud Solutions

Acumatica Sage 100 Comparison

If you are going to trust your valuable ERP information to the cloud, make sure it’s the right cloud solution. Not all cloud ERP solutions are the same, and you need the one that is the best for your organization.


What Is "True Cloud" ERP?

"True cloud" ERPs are designed to make the most of the modern, cutting-edge benefits of the cloud. They can provide exceptional mobility; safe, secure, and seamless data integration; and a user-friendly experience that will ensure adoption by even the most skeptical employees.

And what’s the opposite of "true cloud" ERP? That would be the same old ERP offerings that have now been adapted to be cloud-connected. They may look new, have some fancy add-ons and be adjusted so they can operate in the cloud. But, they are not true cloud ERPs that have been built from the ground up to work best in the cloud. Acumatica is a true cloud ERP solution; Sage 100 is not.


What Does "True Cloud" ERP Offer?

With all the marketing hype, you might have thought that any ERP solution could work in the cloud. And while that is technically true, there’s a difference between true cloud and cloud-connected ERP.

In general, true cloud ERP offers:

  • Seamless data interconnection – secure, available data sharing between virtually any cloud app with no data siloes, no paper spreadsheets, no time lag.
  • Comprehensive anytime / anywhere access – instead of the limited mobile access you get with a cloud-connected on-premises solution, a true cloud solution allows total uninterrupted mobile access to all of your data.
  • Hassle-free management – no upgrade worries, no ISV integration management, no cloud IT maintenance required.


That’s only a small sample of what a true cloud ERP offers.

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing, and it makes sense to evaluate your business systems and make sure you’re keeping up to date. If you are a Sage 100 user, is your Sage cloud-connected ERP providing you with the cloud benefits you need to grow your business and compete in today's market?

To help you understand the difference between Acumatica’s true cloud ERP and Sage’s cloud-connected ERP, we’ve provided a quick, on-demand webinar that can help you make the best long-term strategic purchasing decisions about your business solutions.

Also, the webinar shows you what you can do — in real time — when you’re working with the true cloud.


Watch the on-demand webinar “Advantages of a True Cloud Solution”


Would you like to know more about Acumatica and what it can do for your business? Contact our cloud experts at Dynamic Tech Services.


By Dynamic Tech Services, an Atlanta-Based Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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