Transform Grants Management by Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Grants Management is a field that historically has demanded a lot of paperwork and more recently, a lot of data input. Modern Grants Management software is efficient at handling the details of the grants awarded, but unless it is integrated with your ERP solution, you are going to find yourself doing a lot of double data entry.

As an example, The Russell Sage foundation, the principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences, has 35 people on staff and awards approximately 100 grants and 20 fellowships per year.

For several years the inability of their Grants Management system to communicate with their ERP system made it difficult for the two systems to share data. Processing grant requests and awards required a tremendous amount of double entry and wasted resources. Limitations in the systems also allowed various departments to use different terms and numbering procedures, making it very difficult to share information across departments.

What they needed was a common language and the ability to import/export payment data from the grants management system to their Microsoft Dynamics GP finance system.

Working with their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, CAL Business Solutions, the foundation was able to achieve their goals. CAL Business Solutions created a custom integration that saves a lot of time and resources and reduces the risk of manual error. Tasks that formerly took two days to complete can now be completed in five minutes. Now that the two systems are integrated, all teams have access to the information they need, and they are all speaking the same language.

Integration of the two systems has had further benefits which you can read about in the full case study.

Since 1982 CAL Business Solutions has installed over 300+ accounting systems for companies nationwide, with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you are considering new accounting software, upgrading your existing system, or if you currently use Microsoft Dynamics GP and want the best local support and training, contact CAL Business Solutions.

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