Free: Top Technology Challenges of the Modern CFO

The CFO is a fluid and demanding role within an organization. Slammed with all types of projects and demands on their time, the modern CFO requires accessible technologies that can provide real-time financial information from every part of the organization. While a business might need multiple software applications to run effectively, the ERP system they choose will be the center of everything. That’s where the financials will reside and where data from other applications will be uploaded or imported into.


Our free eBook, Top Technology Challenges of the Modern CFO, outlines some of the issues CFO’s must tackle such as:

  • KPIs and Reporting - collecting information across all business applications thereby harvesting “actionable intelligence.”
  • Auditability - being able to turn around requested data in a complete and organized manner without the headaches.
  • Compliance - making sure there are effective internal controls in place while staying current with industry standards.
  • Data security - knowing the vulnerabilities and understanding necessary security measures.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - utilizing these technologies to automate complex processes and identify key patterns that might otherwise be missed.
  • Delivering financials in terms all department leaders will understand
  • Leveraging your technology for future growth


Change is an inevitable part of the business landscape. Embracing change as it happens and keeping your company ahead of competitors keeps you in control. The insights and opportunities a fully integrated ERP system can create for a company are vital in meeting company goals. When the right business applications are being utilized the CFO can strategically direct the organization armed with data-driven decisions.


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