Top 5 Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP for Government & USAID Contractors

Top 5 Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP for Government & USAID Contractors

Top 5 Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP for Government & USAID Contractors

Government contractors and USAID contractors have one-of-a-kind requirements. This is particularly true when it comes to having certain expense report capabilities in Dynamics GP. The challenge is that federal organizations need to be transparent. Plus, they need to provide details of that transparency.

The expense report functionality of Dynamics GP for federal contractors offers tools for answering this challenge.

Key Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP

  1. DCAA compliance.
    Most government contractors and USAID contractors track based on the project or based on the grant. These need to be compliant with DCAA regulations. Connecting specific expenses to each project provides actionable data for making course corrections. Through an automated expense reporting add-on, this data is captured accurately and automatically. This automated capture reduces errors and speeds up the reimbursement process. Plus, compliance is built in, so compliance reports can be run for audits.
  1. Receipt capture & OCR.
    Receipts need to be captured so that each expense is verified. Keeping track of thousands of little pieces of paper just isn’t practical. Instead, a third-party software add-on can provide receipt imaging tools. This tool uses the device we already carry in our pockets. Just take a picture of the receipt, add it to the expense report, and let OCR (optical character recognition) read the data and import it into the expense report. It’s automated, fast, and easy.
    OCR and receipt management DATABASICS mobile
  1. Mobile apps without gaps.
    Any expense reporting mobile app should do anything you can do on the web version. MS Dynamics GP comes with some expense reporting functionality. But, there’s no specific expense report mobile app. Again, an add-on can make a great addition to the data already captured and managed using Dynamics GP.
    DATABASICS mobile app expense reports
  1. Per diems.
    Third-party per diem management can open up Dynamics GP functionality. DATABASICS offers a per diem engine that’s updated annually to match the latest G.S.A. (General Services Administration) rates. A feature like this helps federal contractors meet specific requirements. Government contractors and USAID contractors both have complex travel reporting needs. That's why a solution that accommodates those needs is ideal.
  1. Customer service.
    From project tracking to per diems, expense reporting is a complex subject. That means questions and problems are inevitable. A major capability of any expense report software is customer service. If the solution does not provide customer service, it’s not worth the investment. No matter how great the software is, it doesn’t matter if no one can use it. DATABASICS is a third-party expense reporting add-on for MS Dynamics GP. For DATABASICS, customer service isn’t a feature. It’s a foundation. The path to excellent customer service begins with design and ends with solutions for every problem. Customer service is fundamental, not a nice bonus. Government contractors and USAID contractors need to complete essential work. They deserve the peace of mind of knowing their organization has a solid partner available to answer questions and solve problems 24/7.


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