Better Rental Route Management in the Cloud

Even the most sophisticated route management solution in the world ultimately won't benefit your business in an appreciable way if the information contained within it exists in a vacuum. Route management information isn't just for company leadership - everyone within an organization needs access to it. Only then will people have the accurate, real-time and insightful information they need to always make the right decision at the right time.

This is one of the many factors that make Rental360 Route Management one of the most valuable solutions for equipment rental companies in particular available on the market today. Thanks to the native cloud ERP functionality off Rental360, all critical information is available anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Cloud-Based Route Management is Better Route Management

To get an example of how valuable cloud ERP functionality can be, consider the example of a gas distribution company - one who is constantly sending drivers to customers to deliver products, make exchanges, re-fill cylinders and more. The needs of those clients are constantly changing, which means that routes are always in a state of flux. If adjustments do occur or if a cancellation is made, a driver shouldn't have to return to the business' primary location in order to find that out. If a sales order is made at the last minute before a delivery deadline, thus adding another stop to the next day's route, that shouldn't come as a surprise. They should just know, automatically, and everyone else in an organization should know it, too.

That is precisely what Rental360 Route Management allows you to do via its integration with best-in-class cloud ERP technology. Likewise, if a driver collects a cash payment from a client, Rental360 lets them enter that information into the "Trip Maintenance" screen so that this data is fed back to the home office automatically.

With this type of cloud-based solution, all guesswork is removed from the equation. There are no more waiting for updates - all data is available anywhere, at any time, from any device, offering equipment rental companies the truly intelligent route management they've always wanted.

By NexVue, Developers of the Acumatica solution for equipment rental, Rental360 

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