Why I love Dashboards in Acumatica

Data. It’s the backbone of your company. Data helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your entire business, from sales to inventory to production and beyond. And that data is what helps you to make smart decisions – not stocking too much nor too little, what segments of your client base are responding to your marketing campaigns, or perhaps what products are generating the most customer complaints. All of that helps you take action to stay ahead of your competition.

But if you can’t get that data into a form you can understand and digest, then it’s just a bunch of numbers that won’t help you at all.

For decades, reports were what helped us understand our business data. And for that matter, those reports have consumed a forest of trees as we print them, analyze them, discuss them, and repeat that process again next week or next month with new data.

Reports were great – but as a business grows, demands increase. And today, the time crunch is further heightened as we move further into the digital transformation – more automation means customers expect you to react to them more quickly, and employees simply don’t have time to spend generating reports and analyzing them.

Back before we transitioned to Acumatica, we had a diverse set of systems that worked together and evolved over time. We built our business on Dynamics GP and its reporting gave us a good measure of insight.

Acumatica shared the love all over the entire company.

After getting down to one version of the truth, Acumatica shined in another unexpected way: Dashboards. Here’s a few reasons why I love them:

System-wide, Flexible, and Configurable. Since Acumatica has one central database for all your company’s data, everything is accessible to be analyzed. When Acumatica came out with their 2017 R2 Release, we were actually able to load their default dashboards into our system. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to what they provide! Out of the box we were able to build some very specific dashboards. With other ERP software that could be a long, tedious process for developers. We developed a few dashboards for our customer service department in a matter of two or three hours. Then we quickly created a few more built around our CRM needs – a great testament to the simplicity of the system.

Smart, informative, and visual. You simply can’t look at the rhythm of your business when you’re looking at a report. It’s a picture of your data – but frozen in time. To see how it all flows, you’d have to look at 20 reports over a period of time… and that’s not really going to give you the story, because you just can’t remember every detail from the last report you read to compare with the one you now have in your hand – you lose the perspective of other things that might have been changing in the same report.

Don’t get me wrong, we had some great features in Dynamics GP. There were graphs built-in that gave you a visual view of the data. But they weren’t really easy to change… and they were the same ones for 8 years. Drilling down into the core data was also a challenge - the SSRS reporting never connected back to the GP screens that were the source of the information. It would show the data, but it wouldn’t show the whole screen.

By contrast, in Acumatica, I can drill-down to get the fine-grained detail I need, but I can still link back to see the whole picture – much more decision making power.

Out of the box goodness. It’s not to say that with a little help, you couldn’t accomplish it with another ERP tool. Power BI is a great tool for digging into your data and visualizing it. But with Acumatica, you don’t have to buy a separate tool, and you don’t have to spend days developing a dashboard.

There are so many benefits that came from our switch to Acumatica. Call us at 860-485-0910 ext. 4

or email us at sales@calszone.com to find out how you can start enjoying these benefits too!

Check out the infographic: Our Story: Moving From Microsoft Dynamics GP to Acumatica Cloud ERP

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

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