White Paper: Why Choose Acumatica?

Acumatica is a cloud-based financial, business and CRM system that provides a full suite of enterprise business applications. The white paper, Why Choose Acumatica? outlines some of the numerous benefits of a cloud-based business application system and why Acumatica does it better than the competition.

In this white paper you will find out:

  • 4 top ways Acumatica will improve your business
  • 4 top reasons that Acumatica is cost effective

Acumatica is fully web-based. That means any device with a modern web browser can use it. Any Windows, Mac or Linux desktop as well as mobile devices can reach Acumatica’s cloud services as long as it has an Internet connection.  All applications share data in real time, so users always get the latest data no matter where they are in the world.

Also included are access controls for the various specialized departments or individuals within an organization. You might want someone in accounting to have access to the financials but not the CRM applications. Acumatica offers fully-centralized control so that professionals within an organization only have access to the components and portions of data they need to do their jobs.

Users can also customize their own dashboards to meet their specific work-related needs, regardless of their area (i.e. sales, marketing, finance). Administrators can assign roles and restrictions with centralized control.

Acumatica is built on .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio making it flexible and designed for the present and future. It can runs on high-performance servers and delivers high performance even when the user has unreliable or slow Internet connections. Although it is optimized for Microsoft SQL, it can also work with Oracle, MySQL or other relational database servers. Its generic Web Services API allows you to integrate it even with external systems, and you can create your own modules within Microsoft Visual Studio.

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