How Equipment Rental Companies Do More with Mobile Enabled ERP

The entire world of commerce is going mobile, and with good reason. Equipment rental companies have an especially poignant opportunity with mobile enabled ERP at their fingertips. Cloud platforms often have the ability to streamline many processes that traditional in-house hardware simply cannot improve upon past a certain point.

The Advantages of Mobile Enabled ERP

With your entire team connected in the cloud, your field agents have the ability to enter expenses and time logs in real time. This enables a more efficient accounting of receipts and coordination between multiple locations, should such coordination be required.

Mobile enabled ERP also allows for instant access to your entire ticket management system for each driver. They will be able to handle any exchanges or product returns on site while maintaining a detailed report about your equipment.

Your mobile device also allows your infield agents to accept signatures at the point of contact. You can also take pictures of any damage that may occur in the field in real time.

Real Time Scenarios

Moving to an ERP system that works on your mobile devices gives your drivers the ability to close sales for you. Because your driver will have access to the history of the equipment, he will be able to answer all last-minute questions that your prospect may bring up at the point of contact.

You also have the ability to exchange equipment on the fly. Mobile enabled ERP allows you to immediately create a ticket and schedule delivery/pickup from your phone. Your driver will be able to see the changes, regardless of where he is at that moment.

In total, mobile enabled ERP allows for more movement and efficiency without a huge investment in additional tech infrastructure. It will soon become par for the course in the equipment rental industry rather than a luxury – it behooves you to get in now.

To take advantage of mobile enabled ERP built especially for equipment rental companies, contact us today.

By NexVue, developers of Rental360 built on Acumatica

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