Automating behind-the-scenes functions can help your business handle the holiday Rush

Winter is coming. And with it, the season for peak business. A company’s attention will be pulled to the max to meet the increased and constant demand. Engaging in business management activities is crucial during this time of year. For instance, a report by Adobe shows that consumers spent millions of dollars per hour on Black Friday alone back in 2017. That demonstrates the strength of the economy and the organized chaos of the holiday shopping period. Consider using software to tackle the necessary yet mundane parts of a business’ workflow.

After all, the tiniest delay can quickly cause a massive backlog, leading to lost sales opportunities. Take for example tasks relating to product management, such as exporting a database to the fulfillment. It could take only a few minutes, but repeat that daily or hourly, and it really starts to become a drag on a business’ attention. This can constrain the customer experience. As retail magnate Sam Walton said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

The key is to never neglect your customers and their needs, particularly during peak season. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) toolkits are a valuable facet of any business strategy. Such software can quickly and easily run routine tasks, allowing businesses to focus on what really matters, namely their customers. Adopting an automated process where possible should be an ongoing goal.

Is Your Product Information Fully Updated?

During peak season, product availability and details can and will change on short notice. So keeping on top of updates is key. Not having the right item at the right time can detract from the customer experience. It is therefore essential that all aspects of the business, from supply chain to websites, need to be in sync. ERP software tools can run this process throughout the entire system.

Is Your Supply Chain Agile Enough?

The holiday season puts a lot of pressures, both on the consumer to create a perfect experience, and businesses to ensure a successful sales period. All aspects of the transaction need to run smoothly, but it is also essential that the supply chain is flexible to meet the demands of the peak season. Shipping and fulfillment centers must be able to complete sales orders accurately and quickly, even during an unexpected spike. Customer service teams also need to be able to handle influxes and be able to handle complicated matters.

The role ERP systems plays in this part of the business is crucial as well. Software can aid all parts of the supply chain, from parts acquisition to final delivery. It comes down to making sure everything runs smoothly for the customer.

Other aspects available through these toolkits are analytical functions. Data from previous experiences can be collated, and reviewed in order to mark and execute future projections. Doing so is an often forgotten, but critical, aspect of sales seasons.

In the end, a business’ success comes down to preparation and attention to detail. Looking forward to the busy times in holiday 2018 can ensure a successful period. Using ERP can elevate a business strategy and draw in new and returning customers by providing an exceptional experience.

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