Acumatica Included in Nucleus Research CRM Technology Value Matrix 2018

Can Acumatica ERP provide the CRM functionality you need?

Nucleus Research says… a resounding YES!

While ERP has become an essential part of managing the back-end, CRM continues to be indispensable on the front-end. After all, your accounting, inventory, and business processes are like your car’s engine. ERP makes it all “run like a well-oiled machine.” But the fuel of every business, what makes it go, is sales – without it, you’re stuck in park. That’s why a solid CRM solution puts you ahead.

Traditionally, many enterprises have had to invest in two separate systems – one for ERP and one for CRM, in order to receive the best-in-class features on these two ends of the spectrum. However, Acumatica is changing the game – and is quickly becoming the ‘silver-bullet’ that SMBs are looking for to balance functionality with budget constraints.

In the CRM Technology Value Matrix 2018 report, Nucleus Research shows how different providers stack up against each other in the CRM spectrum. What you’ll surely find interesting is that Acumatica is the only primarily ERP provider listed in this report – and it’s not by any means bringing up the rear!

Here’s a quote:

“Acumatica is the only primarily ERP provider covered in the Matrix because, while others provide some CRM functionality, Nucleus has found that Acumatica customers can rely solely on Acumatica for their CRM needs.”

In this report, you’ll find out:

  • Four ways leading CRM vendors are investing in functionality to keep you happy.
  • Four things CRM vendors must do to remain competitive today (don’t accept anything less).
  • How 21 CRM vendors line up as Leaders, Facilitators, Experts, and Core Providers.
  • Which four key CRM enhancements to look for in Acumatica 2018 R1.
  • How Acumatica-Outlook integration can boost productivity for your whole team.

Acumatica Included in Nucleus Research CRM Technology Value Matrix 2018

Download the Nucleus Research CRM Technology Value Matrix 2018

These results from independent research shows the clear advantage that SMBs depending on Acumatica enjoy – and the future growth and expansion of feature base that they can count on for the future.

Would you like to know more about how Acumatica could be the right fit for you?

Please contact us at CAL Business Solutions (860-485-0910 ext. 4 or – we can show you how Acumatica’s CRM solutions have benefited our customers, and our own operations as well!

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