Sage Intacct Brings Budgeting and Planning to the Cloud!

Sage Intacct announced the launch of the Sage Intacct Cloud Budgeting and Planning software. At last, the first simple and affordable cloud-based financial budgeting software has arrived. Deploy it in a few days and you’ll never look back.

Let’s face it, you have to do a budget. It’s a chore, it’s hard work, and for most organizations, you’re going to have to live with whatever you make for the next year. A good budget, one that evolves and helps with forecasting while holding the business accountable to its plans, is essential for reaching business goals.

Unfortunately, what you’re using is all too predictable: Excel.

Intacct Budgeting and Excel

The great thing about Excel is that you can get working right away with little or no ramp-up time. But Excel comes with a ton of headaches:

  • Version Control – Budgets change quickly based on late-breaking events. The first draft of a budget is not the last draft.
  • Security – We need to collaborate to know what everyone is doing to budget effectively. But we also want to keep sensitive data (cough-cough, executive payroll?) away from those who don’t need to see it. Excel doesn’t do a great job of finding that balance.
  • Visibility – The real world is changing fast. If your organization can’t see how reality compares to your budget, and how that affects your forecast, you have little room to change anything in the moment. You’re forever looking backward, not forward.

Sage Intacct Budget FlowApproximately 90% of businesses with between 50-200 employees use Excel or similar tools to plan their year. They find themselves with spreadsheet formula errors, bad analysis, and crazy formulas that crash computers.

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning leverages bidirectional data sync that uses all the robust dimensions needed to see how a company is performing. This increases the quality of the reporting and analysisnative to Sage Intacct.

All this creates a virtuous cycle where the budget is quickly and efficiently created and made visible. Then it is reviewed in real-time, which then allows for decisions that can change the course of the company. This, of course, means revisions to the budget, which is made easy with advanced software.

For more information on the features watch the video below giving an overview of Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning.

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