From Microsoft Dynamics GP to Acumatica Cloud ERP: One Company’s Journey

This is the story of one company’s journey from QuickBooks to Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP) and finally to Acumatica Cloud ERP.

This company used Dynamics GP for accounting and billing, Olympic Systems for extra features such as time entry, Dynamics CRM to track sales leads, pull marketing lists and analyze customer data, and Kayako for case management and support call dispatching. As you can imagine, having all those systems in one company presented many challenges. The systems were disconnected, and there was no practical remedy that would make them all work together.

When you have so many disparate systems, it means you may have more than one version of the truth: different sets of data that do not match. It can then become quite laborious to sift through the data and correct mistakes. Worse still, some mistakes may go unnoticed until a customer complains. The company also had no way of viewing the big picture, meaning all the customer data in a single place. Imagine multiple systems managed by different departments and each department having only a piece of the puzzle.

Transitioning their numerous systems to Acumatica allowed the company to clean its data and create a more fluid business process. All components of the business are now accessible in one place with one set of data and live updates from all departments.

We are able to tell this story, because it is our own.

Read the full story and view the infographic.

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