Feel Secure Moving to the Cloud

In today’s digital environment, security is more important than ever.

We’ve all heard the breaking stories of security breaches and stolen data. No wonder you worry about protecting your business. Some organizations have been hesitant to move their business processes to the Cloud because they feel they can better control security in-house. But the reality is that most Cloud hosts can provide much better security than can your small or mid-size company.

What is the business of your business? Unless it is the business of providing security, chances are there are a lot of other concerns on your plate. You may have a designated security person or even a team, but how much experience and expertise will they gain as you go about your daily business? Cloud providers, on the other hand, are in the business of security. Their very existence depends on their providing the most comprehensive and up to date security. They can’t afford to allow intruders or hackers to invade their clients or they’ll quickly lose their business. A Cloud host or any SaaS host will have more resources dedicated for security since it is such an important part of the hosting business model.

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With security specialists on staff, Cloud providers work to fix security weaknesses long before they become a problem. They are trained for worst-case scenarios, and they know what to look for. They’ve seen more of what can go wrong than, hopefully, you ever will. Because security is their specialty, they are able to build far greater defenses and more sophisticated security measures. The have to be current on the latest security issues as well as the latest technology, and their backup procedures and equipment have to be more comprehensive and up to date than most small and mid-sized companies could possibly afford to develop.

When you consider the time and resources that are required for security, I think you’ll agree that leaving it to the experts and freeing up your staff for the business of your business makes a lot of sense.

Of course, you’ll need to carefully select the financial or operational software you will use in the Cloud as well as your Cloud host. Ask to see their security and backup plans and be sure you approve of them. Ask who takes care of what in the event of a breach or hack and be sure you know what role you play. Evaluate the day-to-day operations to be sure they work with your company’s policies and procedures: Who has access to your data and who has access to the logs? Is there an audit trail? Are you allowed to perform penetration tests to satisfy yourself as to the security of your data?

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In today’s digital environment, security is more important than ever. Nine times out of ten, your Cloud host or SaaS host will be able to provide better security than your mid-size company can. So, don’t let security be a reason for avoiding the Cloud—let it be one of your many reasons for moving to the Cloud.

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By NexVue Information Systems, www.nexvue.com

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