How Cloud ERP Solutions Can Help Your Rental Business Scale

One of the most important things to understand about scaling your business is that growing too quickly can be just as disastrous in the long-run as not growing at all. Because of that, scalability is all about walking a delicate tightrope act - the idea that there is a "one size fits all" approach to growth is a myth and everything from your employees to the technology they use must be built in a way to support the rate that works for you and you alone.

This, in essence, is why cloud ERP solutions like Rental360 are so important. Built on the foundation of the Acumatica Cloud ERP system, options like these can help you deal with issues brought about by increasing complexity, can help you manage the fragile relationships between both existing customers and new ones, and can make sure you actually have the right technology needed to scale in the first place - essentially all at the same time.

The Scalable Power of Cloud ERP Solutions

By its very nature, scaling a business often requires you to adopt new tools and software to find the right systems to actually support your people and their processes every day. As your rental business grows, it is naturally evolving - it's not the same organization it was even a year ago. The technology that supported you in your early days will not be able to continue to do so indefinitely, which is why options like Rental360 become critical.

Cloud ERP solutions are built to be easy-to-use tools to help you effectively manage communications, to coordinate service as your infrastructure becomes more complex and much more. Not only will a solution like Rental360 act as a single place for all orders to help guarantee maximum visibility into your enterprise (and help you guarantee maximum return on investment for your rental equipment, as well), but they can also be effortlessly integrated with your existing business systems to provide opportunities for better pricing, depreciation and ROI tracking for individual inventory items.

The mobile-nature of the cloud also allows your employees to do more in the field - documenting everything from equipment drop off to damage in more, all within a single system that can be accessed from anyone, anywhere at any time.

But in the end,  the major benefit of these types of solutions can be summed up in a single word: connection. By offering integration with your existing customer database, cloud ERP solutions break down the data silos you're dealing with as your business grows, bringing everything together as a cohesive whole for the first time. This not only reveals more opportunities for efficiency increases and more targeted communication, but it also brings with it the most essential advantage of all: it gives you the best chance to continue to improve your own customer service efforts, making sure that your rental business isn't just getting larger, but better.

By NexVue Information Systems, Rental360 built on Acumatica Partner

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