Acumatica SaaS Subscription FAQs

As an Acumatica partner, we get lots of questions about Acumatica’s most popular deployment choice (SaaS a.k.a. software as a service). So, in today’s blog post, I want to take a little time to answer some of those questions we hear most often.

What is Acumatica SaaS?

SaaS is the most popular deployment choice that Acumatica offers. An Acumatica SaaS subsrciption is great for small and medium-sized businesses who would love the benefits and features of an enterprise grade system. But, who do not have the budget or IT resources to run that kind of system on their own.

When you buy the software this way, Acumatica hosts it on Amazon web services. This means you can access your software from any Internet connected device and you get the highest available levels of performance and security. Not only that, it makes budgeting easier. You can pay for your system in monthly installments and scale up as your needs change.


Why should I deploy Acumatica in the public cloud (SaaS) instead of hosting it on my own or using a private cloud?

While each of these are available, SaaS offers unique benefits. These include software maintenance and updates, disaster recovery, 24/7 access, backup services, and more. Plus, you get an industry-leading SLA that goes far beyond most hosting providers.


If Acumatica handles software maintenance for me, will I lose access the system while they finish this work?

Sometimes, yes. But, Acumatica works hard to keep this from getting in the user's way. Weekly planned maintenance lasts less than 30 minutes (on average) and typically occurs on weekends or during nonpeak hours.


How is billing for Acumatica SaaS service handled?

Your bill comes directly from your Acumatica partner and depends on the following factors:

Annual subscription fee–Acumatica bases this on which edition of the software you choose (standard advanced or enterprise).

Additional storage (if necessary)–Should you reach 90% of your storage limit, Acumatica will notify your partner. They will then work with you to decide if you need more storage. Acumatica prorates the cost for this dependent on your contract term.


When does billing for my Acumatica service start and end?

Acumatica usually has your software instance ready in one workday after gettting your purchase agreement. Your subscription will end on a date you and your partner agree to. To avoid any break in service, renew at least 30 days before this.


If I do not renew before my contract end date, will Acumatica keep my data?

Once your contract ends, your account is put in suspension for 30 days. During this time, your data stays intact, and you can easily restart your service by renewing your contract. After this, Acumatica will be permanently erase your data.


If I decide not to renew my contract can I get a copy of my data?

Yes, during the 30-day suspension time frame you can request a backup copy of your data, if your account is in good standing. If you have questions about your account standing, contact your partner.


In case of a disaster, how do I recover my data?

For added protection, Acumatica backs up all transactional data to a second datacenter far from your main one So, should an event completely shut down your usual datacenter, Acumatica is can quickly get your data and resume your service.


Are backups done automatically, or do I need to enable them?

Acumatica understands you need good backups. These happen automatically at no charge. If you need one of your backups, you can get it for a onetime fee, or you can buy an optional backup access service.

How long are database backups kept on file?

Here is Acumatica is current data retention schedule:

  • Daily backups–four days.
  • The last backup of each week–four weeks.
  • The final backup taken on the last day of each month–four months.
  • The last backup of the quarter–one year


How does Acumatica protect my information from unauthorized access?

Acumatica uses sophisticated tools to watch for any tries to compromise the availability, confidentiality, or integrity of your data, or to get around their security controls. If such an attempt occurs, they first lock the intruder out of the system and then launch an investigation to find the intruder. If you would like, you can also request to restrict user access based on IP address.


Is my data stored in the same area as other Acumatica clients?

Unlike similar services, Acumatica gives every subscriber its own database. This boosts security and lets each client to use their own copy of the software.

Also, data never stays on a user’s computer. It only exists on Acumatica servers. Very little of it ever transfers to a user’s web browser and when it does, it's only for an instant. Plus, your data is encrypted using trusted SSL technology.


We hope that this blog post has helped you better understand the ins and outs of an Acumatica SaaS subscription and whether it is right for your business. Should you want more information, please visit this webpage.

Interested in exploring Acumatica Cloud ERP in more detail? Go to our website. And, should you have questions, please contact us.


By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica  partner

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