4 Ways Revenue Recognition is Easier with Sage Intacct

Complex by nature, subscription-based businesses have a lot on their plates when it comes to revenue recognition. For them, complicated customer contracts paired with the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidelines pile on mountains of work and create legendary reallocation headaches for SaaS companies everywhere.

This is because SaaS businesses have more complicated revenue recognition requirements to follow, not just for new contracts, but for existing ones as well. For subscription-based businesses, add-on’s, renewals, and complex subscription modifications, pauses, and cancellations, all add into the revenue recognition scope.

This means a lot more work to track varying revenues in order for financial teams to keep the company compliant, and a lot more work as a result of all the new subscriptions coming in.

Subscription-based businesses need a best-in-class financial management solution like Sage Intacct, that takes compliance seriously, to offer strong revenue recognition support for SaaS companies, to help them meet the ever-changing accounting compliance guidelines.

Sage Intacct speeds, automates and simplifies compliance in four ways:

1) Sage Intacct’s ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance built into the software. This helps SaaS companies manage their contracts, and control deferred revenue transactions more effectively in order to adhere to new recognition, reallocation, and expense amortization changes.

2) Customizable dashboards with real-time visibility offer deep, drill-down options showcasing SaaS metrics to see revenue transactions, and data related to changing subscriptions and renewals to calculate the impact they have on reporting.

3) Deep automation and product options mean Sage Intacct picks up where spreadsheets leave off. All in one place, SaaS teams can speed month-end closings, simplify reallocations, track subscriptions and make changes, simplify and streamline the auditing process, and strengthen compliance to adhere to the new guidelines more easily.

4) Sage Intacct uses VSOE and full FAS 52 support so SaaS companies can stay current with ever-changing accounting rules. This means Sage Intacct users always have the most up-to-date accounting guidelines at work in the software solutions so they can feel confident in their financial compliance.

When you consider the volume of SaaS industry challenges and then add in rapid growth, it can almost feel like too much to handle.  A financial management tool with the right kind of options, however, can support SaaS teams, and ease the pains of subscription complexities.

Put the aspirin away and contact us instead. We want to help you find the best management solution to free you so you can focus on your customers and your growth.

Explore more high-level information on ASC 606 guidelines, contract revenue management, and subscription billing in our free eBook "Why Compliance Can't Wait".

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