Why Choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVu: Reason #4

In this and subsequent posts, we’re exploring 9 reasons why you should choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVU.  Here’s reason #4:

With our field service management software, you can scale your business without scaling your overhead.

Is yours an industrial field services company? Where do you see yourself in the next three years? Do you expect to expand in size, locations, revenue, and profit?

Growth is a goal for most businesses, but in reality, competition is fierce, and not all companies are able to grow successfully.

So, what is the key? Why do some companies grow while others stagnate? Let’s compare two scenarios:

The first industrial field services company has annual revenue of 80 million dollars. The company is operating well and is poised for further growth, but it has one glaring drawback that may stand in its way.

To administer their 80 million dollars in revenue, this company has a billing department with ten full-time employees.  These employees spend their time rekeying information into their accounting system and preparing invoices. If we assume that each of the ten employees is paid 50,000 dollars per year, it will cost 500,000 dollars per year to bill for the 80 million dollar annual revenue.

The second industrial field services company is a VistaVu client who uses FieldVu, the field service management software solution developed specifically for industrial field service companies. This company has annual revenue of 150 million dollars. Because they run their operations, finances, billing and everything else with FieldVu, they can bill the 150 million dollars per year with just one full-time employee.  Data is entered electronically right from the fields, so there is no rekeying, no duplication of effort, and invoices are created automatically.

Position your company for growth

It’s not hard to see which of these companies is better positioned for growth. When the first company grows, their overhead will continue to grow as they will have to continually increase their staff. The second company can add millions of dollars in revenue, and their overhead billing costs will remain the same.

To position your company for the growth of customers and profits, it will be important to control administrative costs. Your growing business will want to spend more on the people who bring in the revenue: operations and field crews, and less on office staff.

If you want to scale your business without scaling your overhead, VistaVu Solutions and FieldVu can help make it happen.

That’s just one reason why you should choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVU.

Look for subsequent posts outlining further reasons to choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVu.

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