Why Choose VistaVu Solution’s FieldVu: Reason #1

Why should you choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVU? There are a number of good reasons which we’ll explore in this and subsequent posts. For a start, here’s reason #1:

You’ll get field services management software that’s part of a single, seamless cloud solution

For industrial field services organizations, the selection of the best software solutions for their company may be confusing. True, there are numerous choices and all work for someone. But which will be the best for your company?

For over a decade and a half, VistaVu Solutions has worked successfully with hundreds of North American industrial field services companies. Our experts take the time to meet with company managers and key employees to find out just what they want their field services management software to do for them. Often, it boils down to three basic things:

  • You want it to run efficiently

First and foremost, companies want to manage their projects, their assets and their employees’ time more effectively. They want control over their projects and they want to achieve the best results for their customers and success for their company.

SAP is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider, and VistaVu is a leading SAP partner.  Our field services management software, FieldVu, operates on the SAP Business ByDesign platform providing you with a better way to run your field services business. FieldVu brings you the efficiency built into the SAP software solution along with fifteen years of knowledge and expertise acquired by VistaVU.  FieldVu was designed and built for companies like yours.


  • You want more up-to-the-minute insights

You want to know all that’s happening with your projects, but you want more than that. You want the information you need to plan ahead and make strategic decisions. FieldVu, powered by SAP, can leverage capabilities like in-memory computing. Rather than the software searching for and retrieving information from multiple systems, all pertinent data is stored in memory. In-memory computing can analyze terabytes of data in just seconds and present you with the data you require to make the best forward-looking business decisions. It can hold larger volumes of information and serve a greater number of users at much faster speeds.

The analytics you get with FieldVu will allow you to see more and understand your business better than ever.

  • You want it available anywhere

How many people in your company actually work in your office full time? Many of your employees are out in the field meeting with customers and prospects or managing job sites and projects. They need access to your field services software too.

FieldVu lets you take your business out of the office and into the field where you need your field services management the most. Because it’s cloud-based, you and your teams can access FieldVu anytime and from anywhere. FieldVu also talks to other SAP solutions, so you get a complete and seamlessly integrated business suite on demand.


When you choose FieldVu and VistaVu Solutions, you get what you need for today and tomorrow: powerful ERP with best practices embedded, blistering fast in-memory computing, end-to-end integration with the freedom of mobility.

Look for subsequent posts outlining 8 more reasons to choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVu.

Would you like to know more about what FieldVU can do for your field services company? Contact our experts at VistaVu Solutions  403-263-2727

By VistaVu Solutions, www.vistavusolutions.com

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