Sage Intacct: All the Right Tools for SaaS

When your SaaS business is trying to stay on top of all that added work that comes with rapid growth, along with staying compliant with the new ASC 606 regulations, the right financial management software can make all the difference. If you’re still using an on-premises system, limited in its capabilities to handle your financials, you’ll want to read on.

Sage Intacct, a cloud-based financial management solution, offers automation, generous options, customizations, and the snapshot reporting that SaaS companies need, in all the right places. It delivers what SaaS businesses need most for complex revenue recognition, reallocation, billing, renewals and performance metrics.

Contract and Subscription Billing

Sage Intacct’s built-in usage-based and tiered pricing features within their billing module, is ideal for SaaS. Whether your billing is over regularly-timed periods or nonlinear, you control your billing options in the way that fits your unique business.

  •      Sage Intacct has an automatic renewals feature that is designed to trigger contracts approaching their end dates, which means renewal processes require less manual labor and run more smoothly.
  •      Automated billing schedule options can be set up to fit a wide range of unique contracts, whether billing happens monthly, yearly, or in a non-linear way with milestones.

Contract Revenue Management

Sage Intacct’s Contract Revenue Management module is the first to offer automated solutions to the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidelines. SaaS companies can experience faster, more accurate revenue recognition, even with the new revenue reallocation regulations:

  •      Sage Intacct handles revenue reallocation automatically– even for closed periods, so compliance is faster, easier and more accurate.
  •      View revenue details right in the contract, with side-by-side comparisons of revenues and expenses under the old and new guidelines for at-a-glance comparisons.

Reporting and Dashboards

Because SaaS growth happens fast, growth strategy needs to happen even faster. Sage Intacct’s reporting features are designed for stakeholders and decision-makers who need to see current numbers, in a readily accessible way:

  •      Stakeholders and decision-makers see real-time accurate views into profitability and performance with customized reporting options on-screen and in print.
  •      Get cloud-accurate KPIs for SaaS metrics on Sage Intacct’s Digital Board Book, like churn, customer lifetime values, annual or monthly recurring revenue, and customer acquisition costs – all the metrics you need, when you need them.

Whether you’re just noticing your financials becoming harder to manage lately, or you’ve been thinking about making the move to the cloud as a logical next step in your growth, contact us.

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