NonProfits: There’s a Better Solution for Your NonProfits

Because every dollar and resource counts for nonprofits, to them, working lean is a top priority. Here are the things they can, and should expect from an accounting solution that can stretch their time and labor further to support their mission today, and in the years to come, for greater cost efficiency.

Automation and Integration

Saving time in manual data entry can help keep resources within the margins of a tight budget.

Nonprofits can get the most out of their time by going with an accounting solution that offers a high level of automation to streamline costs by reducing financial management tasks, and the labor hours it takes to do them.

When nonprofits work with a best-in-class financial management system that integrates well with other popular software solutions, they can use automation to their advantage to effortlessly migrate their financial data into their other key systems they use, and reduce errors that result from manual re-entry.

The Cloud

The cloud offers fast answers with data relevancy and a secure working environment that scales with growth.

Forward-thinking nonprofits need to work in the cloud to save IT and maintenance costs.  When nonprofits use a cloud-based financial management system like Sage Intacct, they have more relevant donor and organization data at their fingertips in less time.

Teams can deliver to-the-minute current and detailed reports to board members for strong growth strategy and create annual reports in record time that offer transparency to members, and critical funding and resources for employees working in the field.

When nonprofits work the cloud, more gets done in less time, and with greater accuracy.

Accounting Solution Expertise

When a nonprofit works with best-in-class cloud financial management solution, they can apply their donations and funds more wisely toward their organization goals, by drastically reducing the need for security, scalability and compliance concerns, to spend more resources on growth.

Sage Intacct offers security expertise with redundant data backups and high levels of customizable permissions. This level of protection secures your data during disaster, or from wherever your teams work.

Sage Intacct is GAAP, ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant, and provides time-saving compliance checks built into the software for cleaner, more transparent audits, more efficient membership fund allocation, and a more streamlined work environment for your financial group.

All of this leads to stronger growth strategy, and ultimately, a more powerful nonprofit.

If your organization is spending too much time on financial management tasks, it’s time to consider a better financial management solution. Contact us to learn more!

In the meantime, check out how GuideStar and Sage Intacct partnered up to create the Digital Financial BoardBook for Nonprofits, featuring a new innovative dashboard.

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