Going Live with Acumatica: Prepare to be Pleasantly Surprised

The following is the third and final post in a 3 part series giving a first-hand account of moving to Acumatica Cloud ERP. See the first two posts:

  1. What It’s Like to Make the Move to the Acumatica Cloud 
  2. Migrating Data into Acumatica 

Having worked previously with another ERP platform, I was pleasantly surprised at how hassle-free going live with Acumatica was. Let me tell you about my first client at NexVue for whom we implemented Acumatica.

Leading up to the client’s change to Acumatica, and their introduction to Cloud-based business processes,  we had become familiar with the client’s processes, particularly their custom invoicing processes.  The client was shown how the new platform would work and how it could be tailored to their needs. We had also provided training on Acumatica before the client was transitioned from their legacy solution onto the Acumatica SaaS model.

We had tested various scenarios in a development database for our client before our go-live date arrived. Still, there were a few bumps along the way that could not have been foreseen. Thanks to the support of experienced team members at NexVue, we were able to resolve them quickly.

Wanting to customize my client’s invoice forms, I turned to the Acumatica Report Designer. Acumatica made it easy to work through the invoice creation process.

Next, I imported the open accounts receivable. This was just a bit of a challenge because some of the data was received after Acumatica was already in use. Again, this problem was easily surmounted, and I was able to import the open accounts receivable without an interruption to business.

Compared to solutions I have worked with in the past, Acumatica has been a dream to customize and implement. My job is easier and more rewarding, and my clients are happy with their choice of Acumatica and Cloud ERP.

If you are ready to step up to the Cloud, ask us about Acumatica and what it can do for your business.

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By Steve Ratner, sratner@nexvue.com

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