Why Choose VistaVu Solution’s FieldVu: Reason #5

In this and subsequent posts, we’re exploring 9 reasons why you should choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVU.  Here’s reason #5:

With our field service management software, you can increase the value of your business and command a higher price when you decide to sell.

Industrial field services companies are often companies that have started small and have grown throughout the years. Many started out as a one man, one truck operation and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, have grown into industry contenders. After supporting the goals of their owners, many of these companies have been bought by larger organizations.

If you own a field services company, what do you see when you look down the line. Do you expect to find a buyer who appreciates the hard work and expertise you’ve put in and reflects that appreciation with a healthy price offer? Of course you do. The reality though is that some company founders fail to realize the payoff they’ve worked so hard for and must sell their business for far less than they hoped.

What can make the difference between a profitable sale and one that is disappointing? The answer could be something as easy to fix as your business systems.

Think of this scenario: two companies, both profitable, both ready to sell after decades of success in their industry. Both owners know their business inside and out and have worked hard to get their business processes streamlined and repeatable.  But only one is able to command top dollar for his business.

What’s the difference between the two businesses?  One company owner holds all his valuable knowledge in his head! When it’s time to sell, it will be difficult to impress prospective buyers with the company’s operational history, customer lists, and asset inventory. The other company uses field service management software to keep track of operations, sales, inventory, certifications, payroll, billing, everything. A larger company looking to buy would surely offer a higher price for a business with quantifiable assets and repeatable processes. The prospects for success might be the same, but the company with all its ducks in a row will be far easier to bring into the larger organization.

Companies that have been able to scale over time have done so by leveraging technology to create greater efficiency. The business is more profitable because of this. When it’s time to sell, they will realize more value, thanks in large part to the system that helped them scale in the first place.

VistaVu’s  FieldVu field service management software system was designed specifically for field services companies to help them track and make sense of their business data. FieldVu will help you with day to day operations for the years you run the business and will provide you with the information and verifiability that will make it attractive to future buyers.

VistaVu Solutions and FieldVu can help your company be more profitable today and a more attractive acquisition target tomorrow.

That’s just one reason why you should choose FieldVU.

Look for subsequent posts outlining further reasons to choose VistaVu Solutions’ FieldVu.


VistaVu and SAP Business ByDesign will help you profitably grow your industrial field service business.  Please contact us for more information: jory.lamb@vistavusolutios.com


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