Why Sage Intacct Is the Answer for Multi-Dimensional Cloud Financials

Is your financial management system able to keep up with our changing financial world? By that I mean of course, can your system handle the demands of multiple locations, multiple entities, or multiple currencies? And can It consolidate all those multiples for each month-end and quarter-end closing?

Many of our customers are experiencing the benefits of the new “Golden Age of Multiples” with Sage Intacct, the leading mid-market cloud financial management system.

If your legacy accounting ERP software is no longer meeting the challenges and complexities of your multi-location and multi-entity organization, there may be a number of reasons why. By highlighting three of these pain points, we can show you why Sage Intaact might be just what you need to get ahead and remain competitive.

Setting up new entities

How easy is it for your software to accommodate new entities? With Sage Intacct, new entities can easily be configured. Extend your current chart of accounts and finally be able to handle inter-entity transactions with ease.  Even with more entities and more data to track, Sage Intacct’s innovative Multi-Dimension capability offers you an entirely new way to track and report on financial and operational data, while simplifying your chart of accounts.

If you are considering a move to the Cloud or an update of your financial system software, you’ll appreciate the comments we’ve gathered from some top-tier Sage Intaact users

Here’s what the CFO of STS International,  a fast-growing international IT services company that was able to dramatically speed consolidations and reporting across four global entities, streamline payroll processes, and optimize project profitability and labor costs, had to say: “We were blown away by Sage Intacct’s global consolidations capabilities and the flexible reporting and analytics, along with its overall scalability and the flexibility to plug into any other business system we needed.”


Handling closing and global consolidations.

If you are still using complex consolidation spreadsheets, requiring error-prone manual input, you’ll be amazed at the speed with which Sage Intaact helps you keep up with today’s fast-paced multi-entity and global consolidation requirements. Your month-end and quarter-end closings can be fully automated and performed quickly and efficiently.

Listen to the CFO of ProKarma, a fast-growing global IT services company that switched to Sage Intacct and significantly improved efficiency by streamlining and automating several financial processes: “One of the most powerful features of Sage Intacct is its global financial consolidations. We have three entities with three currencies. The consolidation process before Sage Intacct was a very, very painful process that took approximately 30-40 hours a month. Now, our consolidation process is as close to a one-button consolidation as you can get.”

Handling multiple currencies and performing currency conversions. Sage Intacct allows you to access real-time currency exchange rates to perform accurate currency conversions and revaluations. With Sage Intaact, you have insight on currency gains and losses, as well as being able to view main office vs. local office currency perspectives.

Let’s hear from the CFO of White Ribbon Alliance, a global nonprofit organization, that turned to Sage Intacct to streamline manual fund accounting processes and increase productivity: “Sage Intacct’s cloud-based system ended up as a clear choice over NetSuite because of its impressive multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities, as well as the great experience we had with the Sage Intacct team who showed a clear commitment to ongoing product enhancement and customer success.”


If your mid-sized organization does business in multiple locations, both nationally and internationally, or you work with multiple currencies, or you face the same old entity consolidation headaches every month-end or quarter-end, Express Information Systems would like to introduce you to the benefits and advantages of Sage Intacct Cloud Financials.

Contact Express Information Systems today to learn more about Sage Intaact or to schedule a demonstration.

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