What Does a Promotional Products Company Need from a New ERP Solution?

The promotional products industry (PPI) has many unique requirements related to the taking of the order, managing the job, invoicing the customer correctly, then closing and reconciling the job appropriately. Any ERP solution that your PPI organization uses needs to be able to handle all these activities seamlessly.

In addition, it’s important to have integration to CRM software so that all communications can be tracked, and everyone in the organization can see all communications and all issues related to the customer.

It is also important that the solution be integrated into the company stores or to a B2C platform using common ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

The system should also be more proactive than reactive. Through automated workflows, alerts, and approvals, as things are happening in real time, the appropriate people in your organization should be notified so that they can review and approve each of those situations appropriately so that the job and order continues to move smoothly.

As your business expands over the life of purchasing a new system, you will be involved with multiple companies, foreign countries, and multiple currencies. Your system will need to support all those variables along with the ability to handle the taxation of those entities.

Unfortunately, many professional products companies are using systems that cannot accommodate these needs appropriately. Legacy products built on old technology limits their ability to fulfill many of the requirements listed or preventing users from being able to access this information on your mobile device, or just having everything in a single, fully integrated solution.

Fortunately, PPI companies looking for a new system can meet all of these requirements and more with a Cloud ERP solution!

PPI Advantage, built on Acumatica, is a cloud-based solution that delivers all of the functionality you need to streamline your promotional products business with the security, flexibility, and agility of a scalable solution available on any device, any operating system, and any browser.



With PPI Advantage on Acumatica, you can:

  • Integrate with Sage, ESP, or other systems you use for the design or creation of your order
  • Manage all activities related to your order design and manufacturing
  • Manage your inventory, warehouse, EDI and 3PLs
  • Manage all documentation in a paperless, electronic environment, even signatures!
  • Move orders quickly by receiving automated alerts and notifications
  • Comply with varying sales tax requirements
  • And Handle all accounting and banking functions electronically

As alluded to earlier, Acumatica will seamlessly integrate with many popular ecommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, but can also be easily configured to integrate with custom solutions, so that you can operate a current or future company store.

With Acumatica and PPI Advantage, all information related to your orders, vendors, customers, and products is available in a single location which gives you a single version of the truth, thereby increasing your operational efficiency, improving your customer and employee satisfaction, and bolstering your company’s bottom line.

PPI on Acumatica Infographic

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By NexVue Information Systems, providers of PPI Advantage on Acumatica

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