Why Rental Companies Rely on Cloud ERP?

Businesses in every industry are realizing the value, savings, security, and advantages of the cloud. With easier administration, automatic/streamlined updates, no need to manage or maintain servers, and a simplified path to staying current on technology trends, it’s easy to see why any organization would be considering cloud ERP – and rental companies are no exception. Now there’s a way to bring the benefits of a complete cloud ERP platform along with the value of rental specific functionality to your rental company – Rental360.

Rental 360 helps rental companies harness the power of the cloud by providing a single source to manage all rental-related functions within the proven Acumatica ERP solution.

Whether you’re focused purely on equipment rental, or you are a company using your physical assets to provide a service, this modern cloud ERP system offers a new way to track all assets in the rental space. This means you can have more control of your assets, maximizing rentals and most importantly, profits.

Rental360’s mobile framework makes equipment rental management more efficient than ever. With a complete mobile view of your rental equipment through a modern cloud ERP system, you eliminate the need to rely on outdated data in static spreadsheets or to call your office for more information. This empowers you to provide better service to your customers, while also limiting the chance of human error when relaying information.

Rental360 is a cost-effective way to take your business to the cloud, providing you with the most advanced way to connect your customers and staff.

Ready to learn more about Rental360? See it in action when you view our latest webinar on-demand!

By NexVue Information Systems, an Acumatica provider to the rental industry

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