REact: This Property Management Accounting Software Is Worth the Investment

Property Management is a job which includes a number of activities. These activities include leases for renewal, property documents and photos, detailed reports on payment and receivables, as well as lease escalations with rent-free periods. Property Management activities can be divided into two categories: recurring or one-time. One-time activities include setting a new Lease/Rental Agreement. Recurring activities would be renewing leases prior to expiration.

These activities are continuously done at every given moment in time, so how do you ensure that they are organized to maximize productivity? One thing is certain: you do not want to fall behind important milestones. Making a late decision can rock the whole organization, leading to a disaster. Property management accounting software with the right features can definitely help you to be on top of things.

What is REact?

REact is a workflow application which automates a process or processes. These business processes oftentimes require a number of steps. Does the program your business deploys offer workflow automation features? Rick Rich, Chief Administrative Officer or RXR Realty Corp, offered the following description of the scenario:

“We wanted a better monitoring solution than being dependent on someone’s recollection, a yellow sticky note or even some of the less refined task management programs that are available. REact allows us to collect, manage, monitor and track mission-critical – and other – tasks that are important for managing our business and minimizing risk.”

REact is a property management accounting software which uses the Acumatica platform to assist in your business needs.

What does REact offer to Property Managers?

No Missed Deadlines: Interest accruals, penalties and losses from missed deadlines will become a thing of the past. The simple strategy of businesses is to hire the best workers who cut expenses and increase revenue. However, everyday workload can lead to missing deadlines; some which have significant financial risk. REact critical time/date warning system can assist in keeping track of time-sensitive tasks, such as letters of credit, debt milestones and maintenance agreements. This will help remind your team of upcoming closing dates.

Solving Common Problems: Simple problems are easy to overlook, which in turn may lead to considerable financial loss. Completion is a balance between complexity, timeliness, and resources needed to finish the tasks. In addition to avoiding forgotten deadlines, REact assists in resolving oversights due to employee turnover, schedules or absence of automated tracking; incomplete or forgotten tasks due to lack of accountability; and lack of confirmation for date-sensitive items.

One-time or Recurring Tasks: Automated emails are sent up the line (including immediate supervisors or their bosses) over time. Employers commonly implement hard-to-follow workflows which lead to incompliance.

REact notifications: Stakeholders of your organization are kept in sync with notifications delivered to mobile devices. These notifications can be sent to partners, suppliers and employees. The types of notifications available include document attachment, URL links, templates for fast notification creation, Microsoft SQL and Internet Explorer deployment, Crystal Report or SSRS report mining interface, self-hosted deployment and quick start implementation.

Why choose ASC?

Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) is the recipient for Most Valuable Partner award for 2017. This company established its standing by guaranteeing superior customer service and serving your business’ needs before, during and after the “go live” milestone. For further information, please contact Jim Carroll at:; 310 508 9700.

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